The State of the Electronic Union

Electronic music and the old people that pervade it
There was a time when electronic music about youth and energy. When it was about getting together and having a good time and sharing the bountiful energy that you have.

Well it seems like that’s no longer cared about. We’ve got a bunch of pretentious late 20s running the show, at least here in New York. They go and listen to the same old shit that was big in the late 80s early 90s when they were still young and vibrant. I hear about old school house, hard as nails techno like Richie Hawtin, etc… All stuff that’s originality rests upon the time it came out or has a tenuous hold on being original.

For some reason these old people run the scene and the only way you can get underground credibilty is if you listen to the same “old” stuff that they listen to. That’s ridiculous. These people complain about all the little kids invading the scene and then they’ll regale you with stories about how they would get into shows when they were 15 and how much fun it was. With New York getting as expensive as it is, and with the police crackdowns it’s almost impossible for a bunch of kids to be able to throw any kind of outlaw party, so it’s left to all these old scenesters who look down with contempt at the young kids coming into the scene. You even see the younger kids putting on the pose that they see the older people using, and you can hear 17 year olds complaining about the kids taking over the scene. It’s become self-parody.

To hear a junglist tell it, ravers are the scum of the earth, never mind that drum and bass is every bit as repetitive as techno and a junglist is just a raver in more stylish clothes. It’s all about being how hardcore you are. People are striving so fucking hard to be ‘cool’ that they don’t give a fuck about the music. You can’t strike up a conversation with just anyone.

The women at these parties assume that the only reason you want to talk to them is to fuck them, some of the men even have this attitude. Even if it’s true, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice friendly conversation and end it up platonically without ever getting laid. I see so many people too cool for each other. The DJ may have been in the crowd with you last week and you didn’t give him another look, but the fact that he’s behind decks this week suddenly gives him some kind of aura that he didn’t have before.

I’m really getting sick and tired of all these old people talking about how great the good old days were and trying to recreate them to the exclusion of the people that weren’t there at that time. There can be new good days, but people act as if it’s a bygone era and nothing new coming out is worth a second glance. They act as though the music that they listen to somehow has more of a soul to it, just because that’s what THEY like.

I’m not saying that you’ll never get to a good party these days, but if you hear about how it’s the “real” thing and they start excluding sub-groups on the basis that they aren’t “real” you’re probably better off not going, because you can be pretty sure that it’s a bunch of yuppies that want to pretend they aren’t for the time being so that they can say they are cooler than those guys at that “other” party.

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(I originally posted this in my lj but I figured it was a good thing to discuss. Ironically the mood and the music are exactly the same)


How did I get to the pit?
I thought I was in Cafe Socity!:confused:

Well I thought that as it was about music it might fit here. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the current state of “scenesters” that pervades electronic music these days.


The kids these days, they just get so worked up. Well, in my day, I can guarantee you’d get a sound whippin’ with the onion I tied to my belt, that being the height of fashion in the eighties.