The Straight Dope Ongoing Self-Improvement Thread

I was just thinking of updating actually. I have had a good week. The diet is going well and I have added walking to my routine since the weather has finally been mild enough and there is no ice on the sidewalks. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I will check back in with results next week.

Can I join in?

I have been letting my depression run my life for a couple of months. I have been listless and not accomplishing anything beyond the bare minimum. I got up on Sunday and said that enough was enough and that I was going to live my ideals.

So, now I am getting out of bed and doing all the things I should be doing. Cooking good meals for my kids. Cleaning up the house. Putting away the laundry.

Most importantly, I feel better about myself.

Probably sounds small to you all but I’m getting back to being me.

Well, I’ve been sidelined on the exercise by a mild case of bronchitis. Rule of thumb - if the congestion is above the neck, exercise through it. If it’s below the neck, take a rest. Frustrating, but beyond my control.

I am doing much better in terms of using the computer for getting things done. My strangest discovery - I’m better off if I write out a list of what I want to get done in the day before I so much as turn the computer on.

I’m about a week away from finishing my taxes (my deadline as a self-employed Canuck is June 15th, but this is shaping up to be a year when I get them in good and early!), I’m making progress on getting in touch with potential engagers, and I played/sang three pieces from memory today. There’s now only one piece out of the sixteen (that I’m working up for my April 24th concert.) that I’ve never done from memory.

The house is also cleaner than it has been for a long time…

Good on you! No, that does not sound at all ‘small’ to me!

Damn this is a drawn out process. Still everyone keeps saying I am the perfect candidate etc… Yep internet is allowed so I can give you updates :wink:

PP, I second what Minstre said. It sounds pretty significant to me.

Welcome, madrabbitwoman! I’m wondering if anyone uses the mobile app for Sdmb? It isn’t the full application,but something that looks like a tool for sending and downloading updates.

My endocrine profile is probably pretty darn close to this. I started this last Saturday, so I’m still working through the “crap I want something rich and carby” at moments, but each day this week has been easier. There was a point when I felt like I did when I was quitting smoking - all I could think about was something sugary. I can also tell my blood sugar is way more stable.

Good morning Dopers!

I have lost a total of 5 pounds. It’s a long process, obviously, and the calorie counting was going well until I realized I needed to up my protein intake. That made a big difference. I’m also walking and doing a slight jog/walk thing, which is slow in order to protect my arthritic left knee, but still cardio enough to give me an aerobic boost. It’s desperately needed now that the weather is mild enough to go outside.

And, it is going to be 14 degrees C this week! Heat wave!

How is everyone else doing?

So the long drawn out process is continuing to be long and drawn out. Fortunately the psychiatrist who is forgetful about writing letters has in fact written my letter and hopefully it will be faxed through today

Kinda stuck at the moment. I have lots of positive projects to start but they all depended on the the weather being better.

It’s not.


Still cooking. That’s good.

Bleh. This week was not great. Been dealing with some interpersonal issues with other people since last weekend and it’s gotten me into a bit of a depression. Sleeping too much, not eating enough… and when I do eat, I eat crap. The weather was gorgeous today, and I spent all day indoors.

Hopefully next week will be better.

Exfoliate your feet.


I’ve lost another 2 pounds so now, I’m down 7 pounds in all. Another 23 to go.

Exercise this week was a wash due to a freak snowstorm and temps way below zero. Today is supposed to be about 10C so time for a,powe walk.

Happy Easter!

A few weeks ago I started taking on a few students for bow building classes. Something I was sure I would hate, I am really enjoying it as well as connecting with the right kind of people.

is getting fiances under control. Due to a bunch of things happening, many of which were out of our control, our money situation got a bit wacked. We got married, had people visit. Then I switched jobs to a place that was a nightmare. I was out of a job for about two months after leaving the hellhole, got a job on my first interview but it took a while to get the interview. Add in a bunch of family emergencies and our savings went wayyyyy down.

So a money makeover is in progress. I will not be stressed out about money again. Just not going to do it.

I am also going to go get my CCNA in a month or so. After that I plan on getting my CCNP. For those who don’t know, those are switching and routing certifications. I will also probably take the VMWare intro cert. And I am looking at a Linux cert.

On Monday we are going back to the gym. I need to drop about 5 pounds and get back into shape.

We are also going to break the t.v. thing. Watching way too much. However with the money issues, getting out has been rough. So more date nights.

Also I am recording songs again. Playing is a big stress relief. And I have a bass so I can record much better bass lines.

Once the financial situation clears up there are a ton of home projects.

Oh, I also have a killer business idea. One that, if I can figure out the answer to one major obstacle, could bring in some serious money. I don’t write code so I am talking with an ex coworker next week about the project. I’d do the hardware/networking and probably the web development and hopefully he will take care of the DB/App side of things.


Well, since I’ll be between projects again at the end of the month and I do have a membership to the gym in the next block over, I want to go there at least twice a week; if my next project allows it I want to go at the very least once. For the last couple of months it’s been close to impossible, because on the days when I didn’t have to work the electricians were coming over.

And rather than go to the (quasi) vegetarian deli, I’ll see if I can learn how to cook the kind of stuff I buy there. Hopefully there won’t be many things that require a real oven, as the one in grandma’s house is… just… let’s say I’d need a redshirt or two handy before I dared go there.

And I’ve just asked one of the local bowmanship clubs about their intro course. Between the gym, the bow and painting the house I may even manage to lose a size or two :slight_smile:

Holy cow it looks like it’s going to happen. As of Monday I will be spending the next 8 weeks going through a mental health rehab program.

I am all owed to keep my phone and tablet so maybe I could do a “ask the” :wink:

Having an “oh crap do I really want to do this” moment