I've been spending too much time on the Dope

Last night I had a weird dream about college. Not my college, you understand, but some exotic place with wacky coed dorms and week-long drunken New Year’s bacchanal. (I don’t know where my mind gets this stuff).
On the last day of partying, my male roommate got drunk, commandeered an airplane, and told this ten year old kid he’d picked up to pilot the plane. Unsurprisingly, the plane crashed and both of them died.
What was my first reaction to the tragedy, after coming out of shock and talking to the reporters? Why, to start an “I Pit My Stupid Roommate” thread on the Dope, of course. I woke up when I was about halfway through my OP.

“This is your brain on dope. This is your brain on The Dope. Any questions?”

Posting in your dreams. And I thought I was a lost cause. :slight_smile:

I’m 10 days from the wedding, so I’m scheduling what I need to get done each day and when I have time to do it. And I realized I was scheduling time to hit the SDMB.

I’m planning the biggest day of my life… and I need to get my SDMB fix… geez.

Geez, you guys, get some help already. Get some freakin’ therapy to break you of your Dope addiction.

Then post here to let us know how it’s going.

If you had really been spending too much time on the dope, the airplane would have crash-landed on a treadmill.

Duh! :smiley:

I think I’m going to try breaking my addiction while on my honeymoon. I should be enjoying NYC, not posting threads about it.

But we’ll see.

If anyone sees me posting between Jan 16 and the 25… I caved.

Just remember to post a thread to show off the pics when you come back :smiley:

Will do. I’ll have to have a wedding pix thread and a honeymoon thread. It’ll be awesome.