A Harmless Dream: Too much Straigh Dope

Hello again…
Ok, anyone who knows me knows I am prone to vivid, weird dreams.
My SO has learned to duck in his sleep, bless his heart. :wink:

How to tell when you’ve over-Doped:

We stayed up until 3:00am last night/this morning reading Straight Dope posts.
Upon falling asleep I had the following dream:

In the dream I was on my computer reading the SDMB.
I read something I wanted to respond to, so I type a one line, witty reply (had to be, it was my dream :wink: ) and hit send.
Then to my horror I realized I was nekkid!

I had posted a reply in the complete nude!
And somehow I knew that all of you could tell that.

The equivalent of the giving a speech or being in class in the nude type dream.

:rolleyes: What woud Freud say?

Thank you, this has been a harmless presentation.:slight_smile:

What an odd dream. Still, I’ve had an odder dream then that, though I don’t know if it was caused by the SDMB, I think it was caused by a question Cecil answered, or one to many brownies before I went to sleep. Anywhoodles, yall try and beat this dream.

During the whole dream I was high and smoking pot. I always had a bong or joint in hand, and I was just walking around the neighborhood, smokin pot. Then i saw 2 of my super tall friends, like (6’0 and she is a teen, not done growing yet.) Jumping on a trampoline IN A GARAGE, while my brother and his band were playing in front of them. Then I went to the airport, still pausing every now and then to smoke pot, and I got on a plane. I sat in first class, surrounded by many other people, and we were just passing around a joint. Then I got off the plane, walked around a bit at the airport, then I got back on and flew home. Then I woke up and get this: I woke up feeling extremly relaxed. Cool eh?

[heavy breathing]harmless, what are you wearing? :wink: [/heavy breathing]

Sounds like a waking dream to me. :wink:

I should start keeping a journal of my most outlandish ones.

Here goes :wink:

One I remember from when I was in high school:
I was in a dark hallway standing in line for something. The walls and floor were all sheet metal, with huge rivets and there was kind of like a green light over everything. As we were moving through the line, I started to get scared. Then I noticed a red X-mark slashed/painted on the floor. The closer I got to it the more scared I would get, until I was right on top of it. That’s when Jason Vorheeves (Friday the 13th) jumps out to attack me.
Well, I produced a HUGE machete from somewhere (I must have been a Highlander :wink: ) and proceeded to beat the CRAP out of him. I think he just ended up disappearing.

Then I went home and told my boyfriend Freddy Krueger about it.
While we chilled on the couch watching a Friday the 13th film.

I am posting with my penis.

With that moniker, I somehow don’t doubt it.


You know, when posting with your penis, you don’t want that penis to be all wrinkled, so start using Steve Martin’s Penis Smoothing Cream today! Just rub it on and your penis will lose all of its wrinkles like magic!

Lemme guess: Apply vigorously?
Do you have to say the rhyme? Something about “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”?

Feh. Try typing while you’re running. Completely nude.


Ummm…where do you plug it in?

That’d be up the butt, Bob.

: : : [runs through thread naked] : : :
: : : [trips on penis, pokes out eye on nipple] : : :

This thread seems to be turning into some sort of nekkid marathon.
Not that I mind but, gd, what will I dream tonight!?

Probably a naked keyboard running through some random guy. Maybe he’ll be transparent.

Depending on what you eat, of course.