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Hello, all. I’ve been posting here since summer, and been loving it. All the witty banter, great, intelligent conversations, all this stuff, its great.
And just recently, I’ve begun chatting on Opal’s site. Same great stuff.
I think y’all need some recognition from someone for being a great group of funny, intelligent people.
I mean, have you been to I checked it out for the UBB software I’ve grown accustomed to, but they’re all morons. Stereotypical computer Star Wars geeks. “Undertaker sucks.” “No he doesn’t.” “sUck iT!!”
Good job, y’all. Has anyone else been fortunate enough to find such a great grouping of people?

JMcC, San Francisco
“Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring”

There’s a site I visit that has a great community too, but it’s just slightly not my scene so I don’t feel I fit in as well as I do here. That’s at and their sister site

But even then they’re usually a bit too acidic and catty for my tastes. Unlike here, where it’s just flirting, helping out, and having great conversations about the important things with intelligent people!

Yay! :slight_smile:

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