The Web Communities outside of SDMB are scary places

So long story short, I use a public computer every now and then and forgot to log off the other night. Somone decided to use my name to bid on the last item i looked at and won it. Now I dont want the item so I asked for help on an E-Bay message board, and low and behold I get reamed about the consequences of not paying. Im not a deadbeat bidder by any means, and to imply that Im a scam artist? Wow, even in the Pit most peple get the benifit of the doubt for a little while.
Next on Epinions, a community I use all too much and decided to give back to, I gave a little write up on the dangers of net breeder cubes in fishtanks on the only one the offered, and it was refused to be published because “I never stated that I had used the product.” Wow.
And alas I’m home now. and posting in the middle of the day so this is hopefully slightly coherent.
Anybody else have bad experiences in “the outside world”?

[bold]HERETIC[/bold] All know there is nothing outside the straight dope! All who post news of these supposed other “Internet sites” Are demons of ignorance, sent to tempt the faithfull away from the righteousness that is the straight dope!

Errrrr, and the bad coding was also sent by ignorance demons.

Shut up.

I found a site that’s about the area where we’ll be living next year, so I joined. But for the most part, it’s a huge flirting party. I started a thread to get some information, and it devolved into a steamy, suggestive orgiastic hijack. Not that there’s anything wrong with steamy, suggestive orgies, but I had a serious question. So I don’t go there any more.

I’m a huge Star Wars nut, but got reamed at my first post at I haven’t gone back since.

I was reading a few messages on the IMDB boards, and I just couldn’t handle it. Everything was:

LOL i thot kill bill suked it was a major chrlys angless ripoff and their so stoopid blah blee bloo blee blah ROFLMAO :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :j :o :frowning:

Maybe I should have previewed that 'un. I meant, of course, ;j

Anyway, it’s nice to be back where the vast majority have actually learned to type.

Yea, this place has spoiled me too. I’ve found a few interesting looking forums and lurked for a bit, but there was seldom anything worth reading.

You think that’s bad. There’s one paid for by an extremely left-wing UK newspaper which shall remain nameless. Those people are nuts.

This is the only “discussion” type site that I visit. The last one I used to follow closed down when the site owner decided that there was too much foolishness being posted.

You wanna talk about nuts?
Ok, so to set the stage, I wanted a cermaic mold of a person that I could use for a project to make around 600 ceramic figures all identical…
While perusing the molds on ebay I found none that served my needs and closed IE. On a public computer mind you. So I wake up with a bid to my name and no way to retract it do to it being so close to the end of the auction. I go to check and my suspicions are confirmed, that computer has cookies enabled and somone decided to bid on the last item I viewed. Namely a nude woman candy mold, of little value to me.
After the nastiness on the message boards, the seller attacks me saying that if I had changed my mind I had the duration of the ten day auction to retract my bid! Nevermind that it was placed at 3 in the morning before the auction was over. Never mind my offer to pay her re-listing fee, and explanation. She demands payment, and swiftly!

Really? What happened? I post there all the time! (I’m even an Icon Artist and a member of quite a few communities and organizations).

Long story short, I posted a suggestion for how to incorporate some Expanded Universe characters (mostly Anakin Solo) into episode III, with Luke telling the story to his nephews in flashback format. People reamed me with various “hah hah, that’s stupid” and “ummmm, no” responses, which I found pretty distressing.

I mean, first post. When I made my first “Hi, howareya” post at the SDMB, I mistakenly put it in GD instead of MPSIMS, people were pretty friendly about it.’s treatment was distinctly different.

I let slip that I knew some gay people on a gaming message board once. Not that I myself was gay (I’m not) but that I was friends with gay people.

Hoo boy. Had to leave THERE in a hurry. Never forget, gaming messageboards are full of teenage boys. Young teenage boys. Who play violent games an awful lot. Lot of aggression on that site.

The signal-to-noise ratio is rather high here. Plus, people here know how to type in coherent sentences. I get so tired of seeing “teh gam is thes uck!!1!!!11” at gaming boards. :rolleyes:

And how are yooooouuuuu doing tonight? :wink: :smiley:

[runs to closet to find the appropriate orgy suit]

There’s a gaming board I frequent in which I find it’s best to stay away from the fora about recent games since it’s nothing but 34 pages of the same ten topics over and over. “Rate my name.” “Where’s ?” “Throw a random item at the next poster.”

Conversely, any game with a few years on it will have a forum with several die-hard but friendly people who will cheerfully hold up a conversation and provide answers to newbies.

Let’s take a moment to thank all the mods and admins for helping to maintain peace and order here. I don’t see the same levels of moderation on most other boards (if at all) which is probably why so many of them aren’t as good as this place is.

Hear, hear dwc1970. Some of us might complain the mods and admins are too strict but otherwise things might get out of hand.

The only other place I’ve seen that was even close to the level that this board is at is the board at, which is an excellent unofficial board for users of the Launcher X program for Palm OS.