The Straight Dope, Please, On The Llama Song

When I first saw this, I assumed it was in a language other than English, and someone had subtitled it with their impression of what the lyrics sound like on the supposition that they are, instead, in English.

I’ve seen that done with other songs before, though I can’t recall where ATM.

Anyway, though, the more of the Llama Song I heard, the more it seemed like the vocals might actually be in English.

Does anyone know the Straight Dope on this?


One of the reasons this song works so well is that the melody moves so quickly that any words sound correct, even if there’s some garbage or nonsense included. My WAG is that this case uses samples of a very basic voice synthesiser (I’m thinking kids toys from way back in the early 90s), with individual syllables sampled and transposed to the necessary pitch.

Apparently, the Llama Song was composed in English. Although you are correct there are a number of cases in which foreign songs are interpreted as though they are being sung in English. The Animutations make use of these, and it is a common cliche on You’re The Man Now Dog (such as the Finnish version of the DuckTales theme: “What’s the problem, taco Nazi? Take a chance and count on Lassie.”).

La llama es mas grande que la ranaaaaa!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone!

Thanks for the links.

I’m trying to figure out how this: works as a critique of consumerism (as one person claims on a wikipedia page).

But I didn’t watch the whole thing–maybe I missed something later on?


La llama es un quadrupedo.

Sorry, didn’t read properly and missed that you’d mentioned Wikipedia…how is it not a vague tounge-in-cheek piece of fun playing around with familiar logos? (It doesn’t have to be deep to be a critique)

Well, it appears that Yatta is some sort of company and/or product. And the thing about the Wendy’s Dave Thomas being more powerful than the comedian Dave Thomas must have something to do with the idea of big business being more powerful than other things.

That wasn’t the wikipedia entry I had already seen. The one you provided helped.

All I had seen (noticed, anyway) related to consumerism was a series of logos with the word “yatta” inserted into them. That doesn’t seem like critique to me.

But after reading the thing you linked to, I see I just needed to watch it a couple more times, and all the way through, to see what was going on.


I dunno about The Llama Song, but The Sawyer Song appears to be in English:

Being a Lost fan is so fun. :slight_smile:

I don’t watch Lost, but I like that parody. Especially the revelation that two Sawyers equal one Hurley.

The funniest thing about this is instead of a link to the cartoon (I’m not sure if you were going for the original or this parody/combination of the orignal with badger badger graphics), you accidentially typed “ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone!,” which made me laugh for some reason. (That and the fact that today is Raffi’s birthday.)