The Llama Song

“The Llama Song”, a somewhat amusing nonsense song (when sung by son for hours on end becomes less amusing) has intrigued me in fact the words no sense (which I am guessing is the intent) and who created this song (which I guessing either created song to allow children to drive parents bonkers or lives by the creed “better living though chemicals”). When I asked my precious tot where he learned the song, he mentioned “I heard it on the internet”. Looking on the net, I have found countless flash versions of the song (seeing the pictures with the tune does surprise and confuse one for the first time) , but no real hard facts on the who and why of the song.

Google “I Like Egg”. That’s my favorite video, and it even makes sense!

I only googled it myself, but found this:

Huh. I thought you meant this:

Are there other llama songs? :confused:

Dear Og.

My brothers went through a “sing The Llama Song at every opportunity” phase, and they near drove me nuts by the time they lost interest. You obviously have not heard it enough times from your son to understand the true agony of a family member caught in Llama Land.