The Straight Dope Wiki

This place really needs a wiki, does anyone else agree? The community could do anything they want on a wiki like documenting SDMB culture, creating new organizations of board content which tends to get lost in the archives, uploading pictures, making funny or serious pages etc… We could even help Ed find references for all the previous columns.

I have a lot of experience with wikis and I think a totally vanilla installation of MediaWiki (which runs Wikipedia) would be just fine, with a link to it somewhere near the top of the forums.

Setting up and maintaining a wiki is really easy. You just install it and let the community do the rest if they are so inclined. :smiley:

“Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!”

Well, if there isn’t a prominent link then it wasn’t done right (and likely why it failed).

Here’s one I stumbled across some time ago…

That was started by a banned poster (and a really, REALLY obnoxious one, at that.)

He started it AFTER he was banned, too.