Whatever happened to Teemings and the TM homepage?

I just discovered these, and it looks like nothing has been posted to either for coming up on three years. They’re certainly interesting, and on the Teeming Millions site I heard the voices of quite a few people whose posts I’ve read. I wouldn’t mind putting together a bit of audio for that, but the place seems, for all intents and purposes, to be dead.

What’s the story? Or what’s the lack of story?

Oh crap, wrong forum. Sorry! This was supposed to go to MPSIMS.

Oh moderator, cleanup in aisle four!

Moving thread to MPSIMS.

I don’t know about that, but someone started a wiki for the board recently, if you’d like to amuse yourself with that.

Wow…the Inside Joke page is rather… Well, let’s just say I hope that people don’t form their first opinion of us based on that.

but doesn’t feel like fixing it…


Not sure if this is sad, cute, pathetic, what.

Noclue! Did you do this?!

Wonderful. :smack:

We now have an un-Moderated BBQ Pit. :rolleyes:

Joy shall be yours in the morning.
Or not. :dubious:

You guys have probably got my thread closed.

Before it happens, does anybody know the answer to my question?

As I recall, lack of responses & pressing personal issues.

Seems reasonable. Thanks.

Linking to a informational site about the SDMB isn’t against the rules; however, when that site turns into (or in some cases, always has been) a shit-stirring site, then links and references to it are frowned upon. We certainly don’t need to be importing problems into the SDMB; heck, we’ve always made our own.

As it is, the answer’s been given to the OP’s question, and this thread has been hijacked pretty well, so I’m gonna close it down.