Does anyone use The Teeming Millions Home Page?

I think this is the right forum for this question…

Does anyone still visit/use the Teeming Millions home page? I heard about it for the first time today (saw a reference in the most recent pictures thread) and went ahead and created a profile, etc.

Then I noticed that the front page hasn’t been updated in two years, and there’s only one user currently online: that would be me. :smack:

never even knew it existed until coming across your post. What’s the point? There’s the actual column in the Reader, there’s the other forums for whatever people go there for, and there’s GQ for actual learning and knowing and edifying.
What’s the point? At this point, I’d be inclined to ask, What’s the point?

I was inclined to sign up because the pictures thread was huge and time-consuming to read through (plus it had been closed), I didn’t want to start a new one, and I figured it was an easier way to post and view photos of fellow dopers away from the picture-free SDMB.

After I created my profile I got distracted by something else (oooh! shiny!) and didn’t explore the TM site thoroughly, but I did notice that I didn’t recognize a lot of the names on the member list.

There used to be a Page-o-Funnies (I was on there twice!) and a Page-o-Flames which were collected from the boards. It made for hilarious reading, but the pages no longer work.