What Happened To "Page O' Flames"?

And “Page O’ One Liners” etc.?
Did these ever get archived?

These are what got me to the SDMB so very long ago. I remember reading these with tears of hilarity rolling down my cheeks for months but they’ve gone.

Any clues?

Moved to ATMB.

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“Page O’ Flames” was on OpalCat’s site. I don’t know if anyone archived it, but it was never part of the SDMB.

Right. It was on the late OpalCat’s Fathom website, not here. As far as I know Fathom is no longer maintained.

The “teemingmillions.com” domain now appears to be a site about casino news in Thai.

Ah…got it.

What a shame it’s gone, though.


I went over there and checked out a few examples.

I think we should bookmark that link and when anyone complains about the current Dope and tells us how much better it used to be, force them to read those pages until their eyeballs melt and brains weep.

Indeed, they’re hilarious. Although with posts such as some of those I believe a board could be described as better. That’s entertainment!

It’s a shame that the posters’ names have been removed though. Posterity needs to know who was responsible for them so they may be credited (or derided) for their contributions.

WOW! Thanks!