Have you visited the Page-O-Flames lately?

I was just perusing the Page O Flames, as I am wont to do, and as always it had me in tears.

Then it occurred to me… There are lots of new folk around here who probably don’t even know it exists!

The Page-O-Flames is the best flames, humor, and idiocy from the SDMB dating back to 1997. I take no responsibility for anyone losing their job due to their loud and uncontrollable behavior while reading.

and so without further ado:
The Page O Flames

I visit every once in a while, always good for snorting coffee through your nose!

Do you know if it has been updated recently? There must be quite a few classic flames that could be added from the past year or two.

I update it quite regularly, either with things I find or things that people send me. The one liners page is submitable by anyone, so it gets the most updates.

From the Page o’ Fools:

Everyone in the office got a good laugh out of this one. Is it from GQ?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

No offense, but must you use so many threads to promote your various websites, games and challenges?

Why not create one single thread promoting all your online endeavours, reviving it as necessary?

I actually check it out about once a week. I’ve sent in a few submissions (for some of the other pages) as well.

WOW Coldfire! Someone has a lot of time on his hands! :wink:

Gee Coldie, you put a lot of effort into that post. Don’t you have something better to do? :rolleyes:

As for the POF, it’s even mentioned in one of Cecil’s BOOKS so I hardly think it’s an innapropriate thread topic. Besides, I doubt most people who would be interested in this would even look at an old thread that is about something else, whereas by identifying the topic in the thread title (which I was under the impression was the approved process) the people who are interested actually know what is in there. (I’d roll my eyes again but it gives me a headache.)

Hey, I’m in there! Cool!

No need to roll your eyes - it was a mere suggestion. I suppose it’s hard for you to see my advise as friendly.

Carry on.

That’s from back in the AOL days, when the only forums were General Questions and Comments on Cecil’s Columns (though I think the name of Comments… was different). And yes, it was from the GQ forum.

I just signed on as a member. When can I expect my official membership card, free t-shirt, and secret handshake instructions?

I browsed around a bit, and enjoyed the one liners quite a bit. Are most of the members also part of SDMB? I recognized quite a few names. And the pictures were nice, too (although over half wouldn’t open or I got " 404-page not found"). It’s good to put faces to names.

Well, Opal, I would like to thank you for starting a new thread, as I would not have known to look through the history to find such a thing, not even knowing it existed.

Casey: all of them are, or at least for the most part. Just send $15.95 shipping and handling and I’ll rush that free t-shirt out to you asap!

What are the chances that a member’s post will end up on your page?

Coldfire, although I too saw your post as a little bit snarky, I was very very impressed! I can barely post links in my posts! :smiley:

Thanks for the thread, Opal. Although I have seen the Page O’Flames referenced, I didn’t actually know what is was, even though I’ve been around a while.

No[one is prettier than I]offense, but[get ready for my supreme wit] shouldn’t[you be kneeling before me and kissing my royal hiney] you[follow my lead] list all[of my good qualities on the head of a pin]of your crap where I[who can do no wrong]dont have to see it?
Cold[can’t you all see I am smarter than thee?]fire

Am I the only one reading this?


  1. Thank you for letting the newbies see this Opal
  2. Coldfire, mayhaps if you quit sitting on your crown, you won’t feel so grouchy
  3. Hi Opal !

Meatros: if it’s emailed to me, about 90% get on the page. Otherwise I just post stuff that I stumble across.

Opal, one question/suggestion…

Many of the entries are appalingly humorous and I find myself wondering who the author was. Is it possible to attribute the quotes so I’ll know who to click on more often here?

Ok in Page of Fools the very first post was written by me.

Am I the fool? I don’t think I’m the fool but then again if I’m not sure I may be the fool and not know it.