What happened to the Page-O-Flames?

I’ll ask here, since it’s not really a question about SDMB itself?

What happened to the Page-O-Flames, and fathom.org in general? I’ve not been able to read PoF for quite a while because the connection is refused. Did Fathom go belly-up?

Fathom lives.
Been there this AM.
Dunno what your problem is. :confused:

I just tried Fathom.org, and it does indeed appear to be down.

I just got in. :confused:

The Teeming Millions site has moved to its own domain at http://teemingmillions.com/. The Page o’ Flames appears not to be up at the moment.

I got straight into fathom.org with no problems.

<Name Dropping>
Opal and I were just discussing fathom in person this weekend.
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She’s been migrating servers and some of the stuff needs serious recoding. Whether that applies to PoF I know not.

I h’ain’t been able to get into the PoF for a long time. I just assumed Opal didn’t want to maintain it anymore.