the stupidest gender-based ad?

My candidate: the Tampax empty seat ad.

One camera angle for the entire ad - an empty classroom desk with a woman’s purse on it, occupied desks all around it and an instructor’s voice droning in the background. The announcer explains about how the occupant of the empty desk has been able to split for the bathroom to make use of her micro-mini SuperAbsorbent Flood-Proof Tampax, without taking her purse, so that no one knows what she’s up to.

Are there actually women who obsess to this degree about whether someone might realize they’re having a period, who believe that everyone around them is snuffing around like a Doberman to detect the telltale evidence? In the commercial’s scenario, I estimate the odds as infinitesimally low that anyone else in the classroom would even speculate about what she’s Really Doing In The Bathroom. As for taking your purse, I thought women hauled them around on every conceivable mission, even if the class wasn’t full of thieves.

Are there correspondingly dumb ads aimed at males (don’t pick beer commercials, too easy)?

The one where he drives his SUV up the side of the house and it ends up on the roof? Like what is that supposed to prove?

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Damn, you just didt it, LOL. I was just over there reading it, then it came here.

Yes, there are girls that freak out about such things. I personally find it incredibly idiotic, but they’re out there. Sure, telling your boyfriend, “Not for a couple days, honey” might be a little awkward, but most people really don’t care. But there are paranoid people in the world.


When I get a pad out of my pack, and head on over to the (::shudder::slight_smile: restroom, I don’t geeeve a crap what the others will say. I am a rugged and tough individual. I strap on a pad and hoist up my underwear.

No but seriously I don’t really care. I’ve sort of thought about it, but I don’t care enough to go out and buy a tampon that’s miniscule to get lost in me (kidding kidding!!!)

Stupidest gender based ad? Heard about the thread for the commercial with the girls photographing the guy in his boxers?

The Maybelline ads from several years ago really annoyed me – the “Maybe she was born with it – Maybe it’s Maybelline!” campaign. When they tried to credit Maybelline with the woman being able to program her own VCR I decided they didn’t need any more of my money. Maybe I just need more of a sense of humor …

Actually, there is a commercial where a mother prepares dinner, and the family whines. Just then the announcer comes on and says something about “Don’t let this happen to you mothers…” and proffers some product like cheese or something. It irritates the hell out of me. Why does it have to be a mother that cooks? Why is it the family, who are bitchy whiners IMHO, are held in such high regard, yet they do nothing to change the situation. Mother is supposed to “fix” her meals to please them. Screw them. Let them fend for themselves. Let little Billy gnaw his arm off for all I care. Similarly, why is it you rarely, if ever, see “dad” preparing a meal? With the exception of a lame McDonald’s commercial (where the father can’t figure out leftovers in the fridge his WIFE made) so he takes his son to McDonald’s…argh! Prolly o/t there…hehehe…late night posting I guess is my only excuse.

“My wife, I think I’ll keep her…”

I am deeply offended by ANY ad that uses a pregnant woman or especially a woman in labor to sell any product.

Right now there is a Miller beer ad featuring a woman giving birth that makes me absolutely mad.

:confused: What, the kid comes out and demands a brewski?

Even if it’s an ad designed to sell products to pregnant women?

Those benylin “Dr. Mom” themed ads. As though the mother in the family is the only person in the household competent enough to handle medicine. If I’m sick, I get my own damned cough syrup.

My dad is a better cook than my mother-so he can certainly find his way around the kitchen.
I take my purse to the bathroom, but who cares what anyone thinks? Geeze, I got my period, shut up. I also might wanna fix my lipstick!

This is a radio ad, I’m not sure if there’s a tv version.

Group of obviously teenaged guys are asking a group of obviously teenaged girls if they want a snack. Almost in unison, all the girls say no because they are on a diet.

Then the announcer comes on about how low-calorie and low-fat Campbell’s soup is.

I’ll not disagree with that–soup is, indeed, good food.

Commercial ends with all these teenagers enjoying their soup.

However, I thought with all the worries about eating disorders that maybe we’d seen the last of the commercials featuring teenaged girls on diets. Ugh.

I also meant to add that my father is 69 years old and was a K-Mart manager until his retirement. In his retail capacity, he never got the heebie-jeebies that guys are supposed to get when faced with feminine hygiene products: “Shoot, no one hides their toilet paper when they’re going through the line. Everybody poops and all women have periods.” Inelegant, but true, and if an old guy can deal with it, a bunch of teenage boys should be able to suck it up.

I’m annoyed that in this brave new upcoming millenium, we’re still treating periods like a great mystery or embarrassment.

  1. Any commercial that insinuates the men can’t cook, clean or replace the toilet paper.

  2. Those @$#!%*@ diamond commercials! How will she really remember this Christmas? It’s the Christmas I swore to never buy anything diamond related! Jerks.

On a tangent…

Does anyone else think that the TiVo “Itch Stopper” ad is the greatest gender-based ad on TV? After enduring decades of feminine hygiene ads, I consider it, if not justice, at least a fair turnabout.

:eek: Well, that may be going a bit too far…

We had a commercial that ran endlessly during the holidays advertising for a jewlery store. It showed an array of big gemstones with the announcer intoning “When a woman walks into the room with a big diamond, the first thing that pops into everyone’s minds is: Wow! Someone REALLY loves her!”