The STUPIDEST thing about JACK-FM.

Ah, way too late for that.
Ginger, that never occurred to me. I don’t have caller id, but I can get it.

Could you add a little variety and still meet the requirements of the contest? Something like:

“I listen to Jack farting in the pool.”
“I listen to Jack having loud sex in the apartment next door.”
“I listen to Jack offering candy to 6-year-olds.”

If the radio station does call, you’ve got them on a technicality. And at worst, some phone solicitor will have a good story to tell.

Meh. Like you’d say no to $800.
(Besides, I believe the exchange is just a few cents short of purchasing parity.)

The morning guys on Calgary’s Jack station are decently entertaining – they hired a sports writer who’s reasonably intelligent and when the rock station’s zaaaa-hany morning show is being aggressively annoying there’s something to switch over to, at least.

Uncle Joe is back where he “belongs” (in my mind): 95.5 KLOS.

Just coming in to say that I had no idea that there were JACK FM’s all over the place! And a little ignorance is fought.

I personally love JACK - it’s the best thing for work, since they play everything.

As far as the phone contest goes, they called my aunt. She said, “I’m married to Jack, does that count?” It didn’t. You can set your answering machine to say “I listen to Jack”, and that counts as well!

You know they made a new rule in the Pit.

A thread doesn’t get pit-worthy just because there’s swearing in it.

My corollary to this: we’re all free to swear more in the other fora.

See, this wasn’t an all out pitting of JACK, just that stupid fuckin’ shit they do to pretend they have their finger on the local pulse. Totally fuckin’ moronic.

Let’s not forget the “actual people” who call in to say things like “Every since Jack came to town, I’m doing the funky chicken in my car!” and other generic-city-type horsecrap.

Have you heard Hungry Heart in the car yet? Oh, that would be perfect…

Got a wife and kids and Baltimore JACK. I went out for a ride and I never went back…”


I liked JACK when they started up, but now they’re playing the same shit over and over now, too. If I hear Elton John’s “Rocket Man” one more time…

I have been listening to rock on the radio since I was a kid, with my little transistor in bed with me after the lights were turned out. I KNOW that there are about a million songs that radio stations could be playing. And here’s a new flash, radio people - music fans listen to more than one genre of music. But they just don’t care. It just saddens me so much that they’re only willing to play the tiniest little fraction of what’s out there.

Dang it, forgot so say that I love your idea, Robot Arm. Maybe “I listen to Jack, in spite of their asinine, irritating radio contest.”

I guess I don’t completely get the uproar of the non-local status of these stations. Let’s see… uniform programming… sent nationwide… bland and corporate…

Hmmm, sounds like network TV.

Our JACK is still pretty new, so they play a pretty good variety of songs. For now.

Yeah, me, too. I had a little red transistor radio that I’d listen to when I was supposed to be sleeping.
I also can’t imagine how some stations can justify having limited playlists when there’s millions of songs in each genre out there that they could play.

I have 4 stations on my car radio that I cycle through on a regular basis. One is JACK, one is 70s & 80s rock, one is country and one is ‘Lite.’ When one starts in on a round of commercials or they play something I don’t care for, I just switch stations. There are a couple others I hit every now and then, just to see what’s on. One does an “80s Flashback Weekend” that I love.

Well, Fuckin’-A! I missed that completely! Feels good to swear in other fora. Still feels like I’m doing something naughty :wink:

Ditto, ditto, ditto, a nitpick, and more ditto! Here’s the nitpick: many Top-40-heavy stations have playlists pared down to 60 or even 40 songs, and the brand-new “Jack” station in NYC promises a playlist of 1200 past & present hits (no obscure “deep cuts” for Jack!). Which is still only about 100 albums’ worth of music. Big whup. If they don’t freshen that playlist weekly, it could get real old real fast.

Well it’s better than the previous format, that’s for sure. And I don’t hear that many repeat songs. Now granted, I don’t listen to radio all day, only during my commutes, but still. On other stations, I hear repeats all the time.

Yesterday I heard Jeff Ferguson - Thunder Island, Guns-n-Roses - Patience, and Gary Wright - Love Is Alive, back-to-back-to-back!

That’s cool as hell, if you ask me.