The STUPIDEST thing about JACK-FM.

Even seen that Simpsons where the KBBL brings in the computerized “DJ 3000” which utters, “How 'bout those clowns in congress. What will they do next?” Or some such thing.

And the live DJ goes, “How does it keep up with this stuff?”

All right, I can deal with Jack-FM taking over in every single market in the US, kicking old stations and jocks to the curb in the name of business. That’s just what happens.

But don’t try to sell it to me as anything other than carefully market-researched music, put together by committee, and played almost non-stop with the occasional commercial and no on-air talent.

What brought this on. . .

Apparently, they might be aware that people are reticent about the idea of the station not being “local”. I mean, that’s one of the remaining selling points of terrestrial radio, right?

They’ve apparently hired some total schmuck to write some “local quirkiness” bits which they pipe in occasionally between songs.

For example, a few things I’ve heard on Baltimore’s new Jack-FM. . .

“Anyone heard from Parris Glendening lately?” (Parris was our former Gov who has been out of the media since his term ended.)

“Jack-FM, the official station of the JFX.” (The JFX is a major artery coming into Baltimore, like if they said, “the official station of the Lincoln Tunnel,” which they probably do say up there).

What is my response supposed to be. . .“hey honey, did you hear that? They said Glendening. I haven’t thought about him in a long time. They’re really tapped into the local vibe. And I thought this station was the result of some cold corporation from afar.”

The clincher, I heard yesterday. This is almost too embarassing to repeat. . .

“Jack-FM: The suits just don’t get it.”

Did he really just say, “the suits”?

Yup he did.

Then they played a Prince song I hadn’t heard in years. It rocked.

Does this have anything to do with that ClearChannel thing about RadioFree(whatever) in various markets? I kept hearing about before it was “released” but when I go there now I don’t find anything informative…

Bingo. Though most Jacks will bring on some local DJs in time.

I haven’t listented to a local station in Baltimore in eons as I’m an XM Radio subscriber. I’m also unfamiliar with Jack FM. I’d be interested in the station described in the OP, however, if it was limited to songs and the occasional commercial. That’s it. Well, maybe just an hourly announcement of the station’s call letters.

In fact, many, many years ago, Baltimore got a new R&B/Hip Hop station. It took a few weeks before they hired any on-air talent. Those few weeks were bliss. Songs, a couple of commercials, a recording of the station’s call letters and more songs. Then they went and hired some of the stupidest on-air radio personalities ever and brought back this ass-schmuck (I forget his name but he used to be big here in Baltimore and then he moved to Atlanta) and it all went downhill pretty fast.

I don’t think “Jack-FM” intends to bring in any on-air talent.

The point of Jack-FM is that they “play whatever they want”. It’s basically a pop-mix from about 1970 to the present day. They have a way bigger playlist than any format driven staion, by miles.

Basically, it is what it is.

See the current pit.

It’s more music, a wider playlist.

But, it isn’t local. It’s cold and impersonal and I think they plan to keep it that way. That’s why the attempts at “local color” are such obvious pandering.

Yet another reason for my slavish devotion to XM radio. I gave it to myself for my birthday and I can’t imagine how I survived the FM dial.

Which is why I like it. (I know, I know, I’m in the minority on this one) But there are 12 pre-sets on my car radio, so I can switch around as I see fit.
I also like 100.7, 106.5, 103.1, and (don’t laugh) 93.1. I also listen to the classical station and WBAL-AM in the mornings.

I like JACK-FM. Stop looking at me like that.

Don’t feel lonely. I listened to Jack-LA until I got XM. Now there is no going back to Jack.

Another toss-down.

Two letters for you, kids:


Once you can sat you’ll never go back.

I can’t see myself paying for radio. There were a couple of companion threads recently; “What do you willingly pay for that others think is extravagent?” and something like, “What are you insanely cheap about?”

Satellite radio is something I could never pay for when plain old radio is free. That’s just me, though. YMMV. :wink:

And of course, that is said from the comfort of my icy-cold house where the central AC is firmly set at “Arctic Chill.” And it’ll stay there till mid-September. I have no problem paying to keep the house nice and cool during the hot and humid summer.
Paying to listen to the radio? I don’t think so.

With all the CDs I have, I may not be able to pay for satellite radio either. But regular radio sucks. I’m not impressed by the fact that JACK-FM’s playlist is roughly five times larger than your average station. That just means it’ll take a little longer to get tired of it.

Do the Jack FM stations in your necks of the woods not do the incredibly annoying “Answer your phone by saying “I Listen to Jack” and win money” contests? Cause if they don’t, consider yourselves blessed. We’re in such a financial position that we would be kicking ourselves HARD if we lost the chance to win $1000, but on the other hand, I freakin’ hate answering the phone like that. And it’s been going on for years here now. I just want it to stop. {sob}

I think (but am not sure) that the Bob FM station in Austin is part of the same corp. as the Jack FM stations. It’s ironic - they keep talking about how unique and Austin-ish they are, but it’s the same thing as these stations in other cities.

That aside, I do like a lot of (though not all) their playlist.

As far as I know, they aren’t doing this.

Furthermore, the amount you are making a fool out of yourself, especially when you consider your infinitessimal chances of actually winning that $1000, especially $1000 Canadian is totally not worth it.

Stop now while you still have acquiantances that don’t think you’re a total dweeb.

Ok, so I’m going to really try to express my extreme displeasure with Jack over ONE TINY LITTLE THING without actually breaking the rules of the forum…My want of swearing when I’m angry is why I mostly hang out in the pit, but I don’t want to go over there for this ONE TINY LITTLE THING.

See, I have no particular issue with the Robo-DJ. It happens. It just so happened, though, to replace an icon in radio, Uncle Joe Benson who was on Arrow 93 (classic rock) for a long time, and I thought he was great. But I digress. This is not what I’m ripping pissed about. I like Jack. I reaaaaally like the music.
So sue me.

What pisses me off are commercials. I get that radio is business, but they’ve just cut their overhead substantially, and now they’re playing more commercials than Arrow 93 even dreamed of. I HATE this shi…stuff. 20 minutes of music to 5 or 6 for commercials. Not to mention that their audience has been boosted sicne the format change. I have a huge problem with the greed involved in this, not to mention having to listen to the same three fu…darn commercials over and over every 20 minutes. They can take their commercials and their greed and shove it right up…a…very…large, um…tree.

I feel a little better. But I’ll bet I’d feel A LOT better if I actually did some swearing right now. I think I’ll go outside. :smiley:

Preach it, babe! I like Doug FM (Detroit’s version of this station) mainly because I can listen to music in the morning, and not a couple of third-rate radio “personalities” who spend all morning talking about last night’s TV shows. The fact that they play older songs that I don’t hear on the other stations any more is just a nice bonus.

One of the local rock stations, 106.7 FM, ditched its morning show crew a little while ago, probably to compete with Doug FM. Now I have a choice of stations for my long-ass commute, and I flip between them whenever one goes to commercials.

Three words, Feather:
Caller I. D.

Gee, Diceman, but listening to Drew and Mike talk about every chick on Survivor’s tubes is a tradition!


Ok, I so I couldn’t even get it out without choking, I tried. :wink:

Our Doug has started doing traffic and weather updates, I noticed. Dunno how often, but I’m sure 90 second news updates and commentary are quick to follow probably. I just wish they’d get a Specs student that sounds even remotely like the canned smarmy announcer voice, 'tis a rather jarring stylistic difference.

The really sad part about Drew and Mike is that they act like a couple of high school sophomores, but given how long they’ve been on the radio, both of them have got to be in their late thirties or early forties by now. Sometimes, I want to call them up and say, “Will you two losers grow up, fer Christ’s sake? You’re Drew and Mike, not Beavis and Butthead.”

I like that stuff. The one thing I miss from the old 106.7 morning crew was the news announcements.