The sweetest, most charming music video ever?

I think so. The video perfectly matches the beautiful melody of the song. Annabella Lwin was never more lovely, and her singing on the chorus is
shimmering. Also her expressions and dancing, especially in the Peter Pan
costume, is so sweet! Quite possibly the only early 80’s video that is still
cool today. Sorry I do not how to post links properly, you may need to cut and

I used to love Bow Wow Wow! (Back in the day, people used to tell me Annabella and I could be twins, 'cept for our haircuts. :wink: ) It is a great song, but the video? For me, not so much. Looking at it now I remember it, but no way could I have recalled it on my own. Thanks for reminding me of a forgotten musical treasure, though.

Rio , Duran Duran. Sweet, charming sailboat.

You haven’t posted this joke in the “Greatest Rock Song” thread yet.

Yep, Bow Wow Wow were great and greatly underrated, getting far more attention for Annabella Lwin’s age and sexiness than for their music.

But sweetest and most charming music video? Are we reading the same dictionary?

And I hate to point it out, but posting that video on youtube is a definite copyright violation. Youtube is going down soon unless they start removing everything that makes them popular.

Sorry, I won’t do it again. I promise! It was lame, I know.

Um, did you link to the wrong video? I do not know who these people are so I can’t be sure if it’s the right one. But, the one you linked to remindes me (not in a good way) to Hey Mickey by Toni Basil. Scary stuff.

I remember enjoying Madonna’s “Material Girl” video. It had a twist ending–she ended up with a guy in an old pick up truck who gave her a bouquet of daisies.

No, Keith Carradine buys the truck from the old guy and she gets in the truck with him - Keith, her current lover, BTW - at the end.

At first I thought the link was to the wrong video. You call that sweet and charming? Maybe to those who suffer from ADD.

Can’t look at this at work, but based on the Peter Pan reference I’m assuming it’s “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”. Which is a cool video (but certainly not the only early 80s video that is still cool) but not something I’d describe as either sweet or charming.

Yeah, I thought the link was broken too. I guess sweet and charming have different meanings to different folks.