The Tahini Realization, or Share Your Kitchen Tips

I’m making hummus. I have a new can of tahini for this purpose, and I dutifully opened it and began stirring to integrate the separated oil. It was messy and difficult and slow. Then I stopped. Over there is my food processor. The very machine I’m about to make hummus in. What if I . . . ? Yup, worked like a charm. I have emulsified tahini and a processor bowl lightly coated with an ingredient I’m going to add anyway. Life is sweet.

Another trick I use: when making polenta, for Og’s sake don’t boil the water, then try to sprinkle in the cornmeal without creating lumps. Mix the cold water and the meal, then heat it. It comes out terrific, and no fear of lumps. I have no idea why you hardly ever see this instruction!

I love superfine sugar, but don’t pay extra for it. I use the food processor to grind regular white sugar to superfine when I bring home a new bag of sugar from the store.

Tahini made easy: a couple of days before you use the jar, turn it upside down. Gravity will force the oil to rise above the rest, so it makes a good attempt at mixing itself.