The Tea Party is not socially conservative my ass

You know how I know that these scumfuckers are socially conservative? Because no one - NO ONE - here will be surprised to learn that one of their champions has made some pretty strong anti-gay remarks:

The Republican candidate for governor of New York State has told Orthodox Jewish leaders that there is "nothing to be proud of in being a “dysfunctional homosexual”.

I am so sick of these shitheads acting like all they’re about is “freedom” and the accountability of government. They don’t know what freedom is. They didn’t give two tugs of a dead dog’s cock about accountability when a white man was in office.

You know what’s worse than a hateful, racist, mean-spirited group of people? One that lies about it. Fuck every single person who supports the [del]American Taliban[/del] Tea Party for the bunch of low-life, evil, weaselly, scared pussies that they are. I hope they get swept into office and make a complete and utter bumblefuck out it. It’s one thing to whip up a bunch of slack-jawed hillbillies during campaign season. Let’s see how hilariously poorly they perform when they have an actual job to perform, and no idea how to do it.

Fucking morons.

How come every Tea Partier who makes an offensive remark gets labeled a “champion” or “hero” of the Tea Party around here? The Tea Party is made up of millions of people with a wide range of opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, education and income levels. But let one person at a Tea Party rally or one candidate say something offensive, or foolish, or hold up a wrongly worded sign, and immediately they become the personification of the Tea Party.

Why is that, I facetiously wonder?

Yeah, well I wonder where these “principled patriots” were when Bush was out-spending any administration in American history. Lying cocksuckers.

Bravo, OP.

Because I’m pissed. In the American sense.

You know what? You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Fucking deal with it.

Starving Artist’s notion of “one person” is hilarious.

Perhaps we should define the term “Fighting ignorance”. Apparently it does not mean what I think that it means.

If we go by the Republican standard of association, he’s one of yours until everyone else denounces him. So go on. Denounce him. Get all the other Tea Partiers to denounce him. Good luck.

This is not “one person at a Tea Party rally”, okay. This is…

…the winner of the Republican primary for governor of New York.

Who else has the Tea Party run for an office that’s comparable to this? They’ve got a few Senate candidates, and a few others running for governor. New York is the third most populous state in the Union. Name anybody that the Tea Party has put forward for an office as important as this.

This is not some guy with a wrongly worded sign, he’s running for the highest executive office of any Tea Partier.

Under the circumstances, it’s fair to call him a standard bearer for the movement.

No it isn’t. Not unless it’s also fair to call Jerry Brown or Andrew Cuomo the standard bearers for the Democratic party.

I thought it was Dick Armey. He’s the one who told me that the Tea Party is fervently and ferociously concerned with the whole net neutrality thing. And apparently, they are deeply commited to the well-being of Comcast and Verizon! Who’d a thunk it? I mean, I look at a Tea Party crowd, and internet geeks is definitely not the first thought crossing my mind. And I’m really surprised to see a cable company so popular.

But hey! Dick Armey says so, and he’s the leader of the Tea Party Express.

As winners of their gubernatorial primaries, sure, why not. I don’t expect all Democrats to agree with everything they say, but they’re certainly more than just some guy with a sign.
(Although I should also point out that the Democrats have run people for offices even higher than that. A few times, I think.)

Well, sure, but not “standard bearer”. “Mr. President”, maybe…

So, we can’t judge the Tea Party by what its members say. And we can’t judge the Tea Party by what its elected representatives say. So, what standard can we use to evaluate the Tea Party as a whole?

(Bolding Mine) Is that what we are going to call the signs with Nigger and Obama-hitler on them?

So basically what you are saying is that everyone in the tea party comes from different walks of life and have different opinions, and that there are no real leaders even the self-proclaimed or the candidates supported by the Tea Party? If that’s the case what holds them together? What makes them a group? Hating Obama? Hmm. :dubious:

To be honest, I don’t know that there is one right now. :smiley:

I think we’ll just have to wait until it coalesces around some identifiable leader or leaders. Right now it’s just a large group of people pissed off at the direction the country has been headed and the way it’s been run. And not just during Obama’s tenure, but for quite a long while.

See above.

Not in my opinion, although plenty disapprove quite a lot of what he and congress have done over the last two years. But like I said to Miller, I think a lot of it goes back a long way.

If an elected candidate for office running as a member of the party doesn’t qualify as an identifiable leader, then what *does *qualify?

Well, technically he’s a member of the Republican party. And as such I suppose he’d be regarded like any other Republican or Democratic party gubernatorial candidate, and I don’t recall any gubernatorial candidate of either party having previously been referred to as a national party leader. So I suppose the answer to your question is that he should be referred to simply as a Republican gubernatorial candidate. He’s certainly fair game for the comments he makes, but I don’t think it’s either fair or accurate to attempt to define the millions of Tea Partiers all around the country by them.

How very convenient for them. Members of the Tea Party can hold rallies, gather signatures, contribute money, vote for a candidate, and then throw up their hands and deny any responsibility for what happens next.

The whole point of the teabagger movement is to avoid the responsibility of the Republican Party for badly screwing up the country from 2001 to 2009. The GOP is a traditional party with elected leaders and a written platform and members who have taken action. The teabaggers are rebranded Republicans who want to avoid accountability for their historic screw ups.

I don’t think anything means what you think it means.