The Terrorists Have Won in Lexington

Well, Day 1 of Lockdown: A University in Panic has commenced, and so far things seem to be just as big a joke as I expected. When I left at 8:45 for my first class, Osama could have just walked right in, as the check-in table and the front desk were both unmanned. Real tight security there. When I just came up to write this, “security” consisted of the guy behind the table having a conversation with some random girl in the lobby (it’s a guys-only dorm, so go figure.)

The protest got canceled after the organizer e-mailed Lee “I’m a Dumbass” Todd and told him what we were going to do. Instead, they’ve set up a forum in the Student Center small ballroom. The small one, so they can keep the number of students small and prevent most voices from being heard.

Snooooopy, I have a single right now because my roommate moved into his frat house after three weeks. It’s really kinda nice. That said, Holmes does suck. At least the Ho is right across the street.

Well, there is your answer, make sure you have a babe with your group at all times to distract drooling security morons. (and babes in your group are also good for other reasons!)

Sheesh. Lighten up, Francis. Shouldn’t you be studying or something? I mean, I know not having a fair and just visitation policy will be sheer torture for the next, what is it, six weeks or so, of school – but hey, you’re a big boy. Suck it up. News flash – injustice exists in the world. Jeez your friends don’t have to come up to your room to watch Mama’s Family. Watch it in the student center, fer god’s sake!

You shouldn’t get so worked up about these things. Maybe you have a brain tumor. I used to live 15 minutes from a hospital that did neurosurgery, so perhaps I could diagnose you.

Just yanking your chain. No real offense intended. Please don’t organize a protest to my post! But seriously – if it’s that big an issue to you, don’t return to the dorms in the fall. Not much you can do to change it at this point – why not enjoy the beautiful spring weather instead.

Are you from the Murray area? I grew up in Hopkinsville. And I know about the Minger law because I’m General Counsel for the Kentucky State Fire Marshal’s Office. Mrs. Minger was in our office on Monday.

Frank, thanks, but I’ve reached my limit for condescending bullshit today, so stow it, k? Why don’t you take that “I’m really smart and you’re a whiny college student” attitude you seem to enjoy throwing around in this thread and shove it up your ass? I don’t recall doing a damn thing to warrant your wrath, so what’s the fucking deal?

Anyway, I just returned from a “forum” to discuss the new policy. This was to productive discussion what Cheez Whiz is to fine cuisine. After a short “informational session” the question and answer session began. About 90 seconds in, it became obvious this was an exercise in futility, as the members of the panel either failed to answer the question or parroted the same excuse over and over.

The funniest moment was when the students demonstrated a greater knowledge of the old policy than the head of Residence Life or the head of Student Affairs. That, and the head of Student Affairs lying to my face about hiring extra staff to work the front desks. She claimed that current staff was being used, so no new expense was incurred, especially with a hiring freeze across campus. That, however, is in direct opposition to the brand-new flyers all over the dorm advertising desk clerk hiring.

UK Housing: Don’t Go For It!

I’ll do that just as soon as you quit whining. My, but we take ourselves seriously, don’t we?

Frank, you are absolutely correct that I take myself seriously. And what you call whining, I call expressing my opinion on a policy that, if tonight’s forum was any indication, was implemented without any sort of examination as to its effectiveness or impact upon anyone. Even the RAs are against it, and the bulk of enforcement will fall upon them. I feel the university made a knee-jerk reaction to a situation that is highly unlikely, and didn’t stop to consider any sort of consequences for the student body. If that makes me a whiner in your eyes, then may I suggest you go open a different thread and quit complaining about my opinions and actions?

And for the record, I was not involved in the organization of any sort of protest, although I would have participated had one been held.

Plus, I’m from the Mayfield area, since you asked.

Terribly sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings – twasn’t my intent. Just a little good natured ribbing.

May I humbly suggest that you get used to large, bureaucratic institutions making inane and/or stupid decisions. It seems to be a common occurence these days.

Apology accepted. I think part of my outrage is related to the inane and idiotic decisions other large organizations have made since, say, last Thursday. That, and I’ve discovered Bill Hicks, and he’s really making some sense from 10 years in the past.

I will continue to rail against this decision, mainly because that’s what I do, complain about ignorant and asinine actions. I have little tolerance for perceived stupidity. That shortcoming on my part sometimes makes me snap at people who don’t deserve it, and this was one of those cases. However, may I suggest tossing a smilie in occasionally to clarify your intent?


Peace, brother.

Sorry, but I have a long standing policy against the use of smileys (smilies?) in any form.

Well, my university (Johns Hopkins) has taken a couple of really asinine measures In Order To Prevent Terrorism. They’re requiring people to show university ID to take the school bus that runs back and forth between the university and the medical school, (to discourage the suicide bus-bombers that don’t want to pay $1.30 to blow up a regular bus, I guess) and they’ve closed off the road between two of the dorms. … With traffic cones. This is meant to protect us from truck bombers who want to blow up a bunch of undergraduates, but who have a pathological fear of traffic cones. And whose bombs just won’t WORK if they park at the corner. The actual effect is that we have to wait out on the street if we want to take a shuttle van to the grocery store at two in the morning, rather than waiting in a nice, brightly-lit, security-guarded lobby.