The things we do when we are bored.

I did the following in Microsoft Word because I was bored.

What weird/stupid/pointless things have you guys and gals done when boredom got the better of you?

Posted replies to boring and pointless threads on the SDMB.


Lobsang, I am so bloody bored right now, I am considering doing what you’re doing, even though it is dead dead pointless and silly. My current work schedule is as follows. Open document. Close document. Write another line in journal. (Sample text: ‘I’m bored!’). Click on the SDMB for a few minutes before anyone becomes suspicious. Rinse and repeat.

In short: I’m so bored, even what I do to relieve boredom is boring. Sigh.

Well, “pointless” just about covers when I got so mind-screamingly bored at one job, I ended up readin’ women’s magazines.

No. Please, no, never again. No, not that.


I hate boring jobs. Unless I have a good library book with me. :slight_smile:

Read the SDMB, realise I should actually be preparing a class and writing a paper, but push that to the back of my mind. Stare nervously out of the window, praying that none of my supervisor’s fourth year undergraduates decide to try and find me to help them with their work, since my supervisor’s not here. Drink coffee, black, with no sugar. And finally, stare dreamily out of the window, wondering if M’s decided to do the decent thing and forget the fact that he has any feelings for me…

I have been known to try making mosaic-style art in Excel (link not mine) by setting the column widths so that each cell is perfectly square and then coloring in the cells. I’ve never produced any masterpieces yet, but at least it passes the time (also check this link out.)

Sometimes I will draft out material that I want to post to my web site, so I’ll compose it at work and then email it to my home account.

Other than that I’ll just daydream and think about whatever happens to be on my mind that day.

They need to give me more to do around here, really, they do.

Sometimes I draw pictures in Paint.

I don’t have a computer at work, but I do have glue. So when I am bored I glue things to other things.
The first night after I bought the glue I just stuck money to the floor. That was funny for awhile. Later I glued all the staples in the staple box together. I found some dried up leaves while I was cleaning, so now those are stuck on the ceiling.
Good times.

I haven’t been bored since 1975.

I write song lyrics on everything. And I mean everything. When I’m sitting in computer class and I’m about to fall asleep, I grab my notebook and start writing whatever song is stuck in my head. That leads to other songs, and as it is, I have the lyrics to about twenty songs written neatly on all my notebooks.

See the “a” thread, in this forum.