The Thirty Best Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Signs

The two doing the Kanye West meme were pretty awesome.

I had to google Shirley Phelp’s picture after seeing that first sign.

Are you now a homosexual?

Haha no. If I’m going to switch teams, I’d have to find a better looking girlfriend than her! :wink:

On the Phelps “Fag Church” sign, does the guy standing behind the other guy have a load in his pants, or what? Sure looks like it.

Calling people they don’t like fags. Who’d have thought they’d have something in common with South Park?

Yes, but it’d be better if that particular beast didn’t look as though it was possessed by Satan.

I like the “Drink the Kool Aid Already!” sign for its simplicity.

Though I do want an Anti-Christ Obama. I’ve got Malibu Obama and Ballet Obama and want to complete the collection.

More like…“The Infallible God is Really, Really, Reallllllllllyyyyy Trying Hard to Love Fred Phelps”.

If you had a sign that said “God Doesn’t Hate Anybody: To Do That You Have to Exist!” I wonder who would get more jeered.

HOLY COW- The Phelps chick in #25 is wearing a “Twilight” sweatshirt!

Doesn’t she know God Hates Fangs?

I feel truly sorry for those kids. They’re the victims in all of this. Once the others like Shirley herself were and I suppose she still is but she’s too far gone; if she were a dog there’s nothing to do but put her to sleep at this stage of the illness.

Fred’s apostate son Nate discusses his childhood on Jane Velez Mitchell. He’s a born-again atheist and gives lectures on the church and on his religious progressions.

Part 1of a very long lecture by Nate Phelps. Very interesting. He discusses his father’s “X-Treme Calvinism” (he preaches predestination- gays are all going to hell and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it, so his purpose isn’t trying to convert so much as just point it out) and the physical abuse and his own experiences before and after leaving the family on his 18th birthday.

My favorite: “Dude, Phelps is SO Gay.”

I also loved the two older ladies with their little sign. Rock on, ladies!

I like #13 – “Drink the Kool-Aid Already!”

Mine too.

The only one I’m not a great fan of is #13 but that’s a little personal; Jonestown isn’t that long ago for some of us.

I’d amend that a little: “God loves Fred Phelps; the rest of us think he sucks!”

Fascinating presentation. Thanks for posting that link.

This one is my favorite:

Hilarious, but I felt really bad for the tiny Phelps kid with the “God hates fags” sign. Kiddo is going to grow up to be a a positively wretched adult, most likely, and it isn’t his fault.

I loved the dog, though. I imagine him lecturing puppies, telling them that when he was a pup, his owners were still scared to admit they were anything other than roommates. Good doggie.