The Threaded Cord

Ok,here is the thing. I 6 months ago I got a new job at a great company. I got new office supplies and stuff. I even got a new phone right out the box and plastic. It was nice and shiny. Here is my the problem, after about 6 months of use the cord just got tangled upon itself. How did this happen? I know I didn’t do it. I just sit at my desk and ansewr the phone. I pick it up and put it down. I never walk around with it. So, what’s up? Is it some nefarious gremlin intent on driving me crazy? Maybe the cleaning person has it in for me? I don’t know. Does this happen to anyone else?

Yeah, it happens all the time. It is the work of the Devil. Luckily, the Vatican has issued those little rotating phone jacks to ward off the evil intrinsic to the telephone. You can buy them at Radio Shack for about a buck. Papal Blessing somewhat extra…

Until you get the cord-thingy, just do this. Unplug either the cord from the receiver or from the phone. Let the cord untwist itself. You’ve done this already, haven’t you? And I just made myself sound like a well-meaning idiot. sigh Just not my day…

Thanks Democritus, but I tried that. I must have gotten a bad one because my phone kept cutting in and out when I was using it but once I took it off it was fine. Maybe I should have stopped being cheap and sprung for the Papal Blessing.

Yeah, I forgot to say that they really suck and don’t do very well…what they’re supposed to do. (Did that sentence make sense???) Anyway, good luck with the problem, and as struuter, suggested, you could always hang your phone out ta second story window…(oh, she didn’t say that? Look out beloooooooow!) :wink:
BTW, does your sig mean I cam, I saw, I fell asleep, or what?

The problem is keeping the phone glued to your ear when your head does that rotating completely around thing.

It seems to be a paradox but I finally realized how mine gets twisted. I pick up phone with left hand, pass it right , use it on left ear then put it back on the cradle. I put a whole turn in the cord every time without realizing it.

Even after you untwist a tangled phone cord, it’s just not springy and nice anymore. If this is a GREAT new office, isn’t there a secretary or other office worker whose job description includes getting people those brand new office supplies? Suck up to that person and then ask for a new phone cord (or get one yourself at a discount store for a couple of bucks - but it’s more fun to get stuff free).

…and just how is it threaded?? Hmmmm? suspicious look …and just what exactly does that mean? Hmmm??

InternetLegend gave me an idea. Just trade phone cords with your boss when they’re not looking. He/She will just tell one of the other peons to get another for them and you don’t have to worry about asking.