The Tick: What to buy (and how to get it)

So there I am, idly going though my Super NES collection (hey, public housing is tough work, I need my diversions), where I come across this obscure title about an obscure comic/cartoon series, The Tick. And, this modern age being what it is, I promtly went about searching for whatever I could about this quirky title, even watching the live-action pilot for the first time ever, on YouTube.

First off, I have to say that this never struck me as a particularly groundbreaking or extraordinarily funny title. The comic (which I remember from a copy of The Naked City in Borders, a long, long time ago) is pretty much a straight-up parody with a simple Simpsons-esque wit. The cartoon, IMO, had some good moments but on the whole tried way too hard, and the constant stream of “adult” and “edgy” humor just wasn’t very entertaining. On the whole, this looks like one of those experimental lines that just never found its footing. (I think it speaks volumes that the comic, cartoon, and live-action show have completely different characters, and in a few cases characters with the same name that are completely different from the original incarnation…Red Scare, anyone?)

Still, I’m always looking to add a quirky, underappreciated comic to my collection. And I’m sorry, but yaoi isn’t doing it for me at all. :slight_smile:

So…the comic. Apparently there’s a “main series” with 12 volumes; not sure if #13 ever came into existence. The original comics are all black and white; the “Chroma-Tick” series is the same volumes in color. There are a few spinoffs, but all tie pretty closely to the main series. If possible, I’d like to get as much as possible in a single volume. I have the New England Press website, but I don’t know if this is the best source. Amazon has The Naked City (the first six volumes in color), but the cheapest it’s going for right now is $14, and that’s a bit much for an over-decade old used offbeat comic. Places to shop, what’s a good price, what the total collection looks like, any advice would be appreciated.

I doubt the cartoon series or live-action series is at Blockbuster Video (I didn’t check the last time I was there). Are these good buys? I heard about one episode each being cut from the first and second episode DVDs…what was that all about? As for the live-action, was it really all that great? The reviews I’ve seen have been mixed.

P.S. In before “spoon”, “nigh-invulnerable”, and “gravity is a harsh mistress”.

I can vouch that the live action show is worth whatever price you must pay in order to obtain it. Each episode is solid comic-superhero gold. I actually wrote a 12-page term paper on the criminological themes present in the episode “The Tick vs. Justice”.