The Tim starts a Cafe Society thread that isn't about Buffy

Instead it’s about Angel. :smiley:

Anyway tonight’s episode was fairly good.

I liked the following:
• Wes and Liliah’s sick and twisted relationship. The warped chemistry those two have is certainly exciting to watch.
• Angel getting what he wants from Liliah with his threats. Although I think he’s morally weak for resorting to torture and the threat of it to get things he’s just cool doing it.
• Wes has a group of demon hunters now. Good for him.
• The powers of the electric girl were neat.
• The creepy goddess in the sewers. She was interesting. One has to wonder how may gods live in the sewers of LA. Any show that gets you thinking things like that has to be good.
• Angel’s drawings vs Fred’s.

I disliked the following:
• Electric girl seemed forced into the episode. I think she deserved to be integrated a little more smoothly into events.
• The episode had a rushed feel to it. The pacing seemed to be off.

My random speculations:
• Electric girl will be back. This is more wishful thinking than anything else.
• Angelus is a comming. Seeing Angel’s drawing of Cordia made me instantly think of “Passion”. I think that it was meant to.
• Angel is going to do something unpleasant to Liliah and Wes is going to go balistic about it.
• Conor is going to confront Angel or Angelus and he is going to die. Wes will be vindicated. This would just be amusing and so I hope it happens.

Well that’s it. I’m eager to hear what everone else thought of the episode.