The tip of my finger has been asleep for a couple days. Why?

So, a couple days ago, the tip of my ring finger went numb. Basically felt like it had fallen asleep - tingly, and numb. It’s gotten slightly better since, and now it’s almost back to normal, although I can still feel it while typing, or when I wash my hands. It feels like the center of the feeling is actually under the fingernail, but the very end of my finger feels weird too. It happened pretty suddenly, while I was washing my hands (I’d been cutting up meat), and at it’s biggest was maybe two-thirds of my last finger bone. Any idea what could cause that? Is my hand having it’s own little heart attack? What’s up?

Might be a repetitive-stress thing:

If it’s getting better it’s probably nothing urgent but it would be a good idea to run this by the doc the next time you’re seen.

It could be an issue with a nerve. You need to see a doctor.

Generally speaking, an anonymous message board is not the best place to seek medical advice. You should contact a doctor.

It could be something minor, but numbness is also be a precursor for some very painful conditions. Issues with your nervous system should never be taken lightly. Don’t wait until your next check-up; make an appointment in the near future.