The TLC commercials for 'five wives'

Jesus, they act like everyone is a 12 year old about the subject of sex. All the hints and innuendos about sex with 5 wives. You people at TLC know about internet porn right? The most depraved things are easily available now. A religious guy occasionally fucking one of his 5 wives doesn’t really catch my interest. Talk to me when you manage to fit a set of golf clubs and a cat costume into the mix.

I was talking about the freakshow that is TLC recently with a young-ish girl (22?). She had no idea that TLC stood for “The Learning Channel”. She thought it was… no joke… Tender Loving Care.

LOL. I remember when it actually was the learning channel and not a freak show. I guess the ratings are higher this way.

Yup. Capturing that easily titillated but highly coveted advertising demographic of teens and twenty-somethings. The advertisers pay for the shows, so they get to dictate the programming most attractive to their target audience.

That means giggly, snickery sex!!
Extreme cleavage!
Extreme beards and tattoos!
Extreme bikers!
Extreme Mormons!

You forgot midgets, white trash, people with severe OCD and the super obese.

You’re right. I also forgot the hoarders and the latest one about people sent to the ER because of sex.