The too tough to die MMP

Sunny_Daze, I hope Akiko turns out to be okay. Maybe all she needs is a coursr of meds, like Mauser is getting. Poor baby let us know how things go for her.

So I walked to the pharmacy, then walked to the hardware store, then to the gym, then home. I figure about 6 miles, counting the treadmill, which I set to the 12 incline. Yes, the back hurt. Too bad. The rest of me was happy. I decided to climb an embankment as a shortcut to the hardware store but didn’t look where I was going and tripped on a tree root. Just a few bruises, but a good reminder.

Tomorrow I’m going to start refinishing a little plant table I found at the dumpster awhile back. I fixed its wobbles. Now it just needs a little sanding, some stain, and a bit of tung oil. I love refinishing furniture.

shady, glad the tooth isn’t dangling any more, but sorry you lost it.

sunny, hope Akito is OK. That sounds like a rough vet visit.

MetalMouse, glad it’s just a floater, even though those suckers can be irritating.

Cupcakes, Nathan must have been quite a dog. I’m glad you can go spend time with him whenever you want.

OK, maybe instead of a cruise, we should have a giant pajama party. :slight_smile:

I am sad and disgusted with myself. I was parking the truck in the back yard and when I went to hit the brakes my foot slipped off the pedal and I ran into the chain link fence and a little tree at the blazing speed of about 3 or 4 mph. In the before times it woulda been nothing. The bumper would have taken the hit, but my sleek new truck doesn’t have a bumper. The whole front end is plastic. it’ll have to be buffed out and repainted. Crap.
I wonder if I can get an after market pusher bumper like they put on cop cars. :thinking:

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Hope Akiko feels better, Sunny.

Bummer about the bumper, Bumba. Although a push bar might have done Me damage to the fence and tree.

Ouch. Glad it wasn’t too painful of a trip.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 60 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of < snerk > 69! < snerk > with rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. Then a cold front comes through. We have a freeze watch in effect Sattidy night/Sunday mornin’. Weather be weird. Today will be a good day to stay inside and dry, so that we shall. Sup shall be tacos 'n fixin’s with refried beans. Fartfest to follow.

Nellie ouchie! Hope you are not too sore today.

Bumba bummer about the truck!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Firday Y’all!

Funny you should mentiom tacos i posted this here:

I remember the first time I had tacos was because of sesame street … Luis was eating one and big bird asked what it was and they had a whole thing on how to cook it and such and I bugged my mom (who already knew how to make them since she lived in California in the 70s) to make us some … no one else except my dad and an uncle in the family (they had been in the army at fort ord)even knew what a taco was (the area didn’t get a taco bell until 82 )

Boy tho getting decent tortillas in Indiana in the very early 80s was a bitch tho she said … she had to go to a bodega type of place and buy them handmade …

Thanks - I’ll pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish you lived closer to me. I have a table that was my grandmother’s and I love it, but it’s in sad shape. I can’t afford to have it done and I really, really hate doing it myself. But I’ll have to, lest it go to ruin. Dammit.

Unless you wanna come visit me for a couple of weeks?? :wink:

When I was loading the ladder back into my car at the marina last week, I put a ding in my car and it pissed me off. The car is 10 years old and there are other scratches and dings on it, but for some reason, this one especially irritated me. What’cha gonna do??

We’re promised close to 60° today, then plummeting to the low 20s tomorrow with lots of rain. At least the threatened snow isn’t happening - it’s staying north and west of us. Whew.

I’m going to attempt to beat some of my wisteria into submission today. No leaves on it yet, and I’m going to use the hedge clippers to whack it back along the fence where it tends to attack me when I mow. The main problem is that much of it will be over my head, but I guess that’s not really an issue when mowing. I would like to start flinging the clover seeds around the yard, but with freezes still ahead, that’s not a good idea. Maybe next week?

Supper will be mini-pizza on English muffins, per FCD’s request. Not much else planned. Tho I should change the sheets on our bed. I’ll add it to the list. And so it begins.

Happy Firday!!

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s 10C/50F today, cloudy but so far no rain. I’ve been out as Ophelia had to go to the vet this morning for her blood test. Should have the results in a day or so, but as there’s a weekend in between, we may have to wait until Monday. Her abscess is healing well, it’s not filling up again so that’s a good sign. The vet had a look in her mouth and said that after the wound has healed, we should consider some dental work for her as she has at least one rotten tooth.

Poor old girl is nearly 18 so they are wary of anaesthetic due to her age, but if the teeth need to come out so that she’s more comfortable, then we’ll have to take the risk for her. She has meds until the middle of next week, then I’ll need to talk to them about scheduling the dental work. We’re away from 4th-22nd April so might have to book her in for when we’re back home again.

I would so go on Fairy Chat Cruises, and I don’t even like cruises. Weather the weekend stinks. A high of 25F with sub zero windchills. On the bright side, Sunday I get to see my nephew who I haven’t seen in over a year. He and his wife and daughter live in another state.

Ouch nellie! I hope that you don’t get sore.

Too bad about your bumper bumba.

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted, bed stripped, a load of sheets and towels ready for the dryer and a load of jeans on deck. Once KP is done, I’ll begin the house cleaning, then go to the grocery store (it’s been two weeks, I’m out of everything).

It went from high fifties yesterday to 35F this morning and supposed to get colder yet. Take your meds Ma Nature!

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

It is cold out but we are about our business as usual. We will walk laps at the mall, pick up bread at the bakery, stop by the bank, get some lunch and then there are three estate sales today.

Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone.

Didja miss me?! :grinning:

The travels were pretty uneventful. It was snowing on Snoqualmie and Blewett passes on the way over to Wenatchee, but nothing was really sticking to the roads. It was pretty to look at though. The project in Wenatchee is a little overwhelming, there is way more to do there than I was led to believe. But, I’ll get through it.

I got home yesterday afternoon and am beat. I was able to enjoy my brand new couch and loveseat though, so that was nice. It has that nice new leather furniture smell too.

nellie, I’m sorry you’re still hurting.

Sahirrnee, sending good thoughts your way.

Bumba, I’m sorry about your bumper. Hopefully, it won’t be all that expensive.

Congrats, Nut! That’s good news!

It’s about 38 degrees outside with an expected high of around 50 and cloudy skies. Rain moves back in tomorrow. I don’t have any serious plans today; maybe just some pure relaxation since last weekend and this week have been so busy.

I may do some rug shopping tomorrow.

nellie and swampy, I am TOTALLY on board with a PJ party.

It’s cold again today (around 20F) but by Sunday it’ll be back to the 60s. I’m getting weather whiplash. I didn’t get my walk in this morning but showered instead; I may try to fit in some time outside in a couple of hours when it’s warmed up past 30F.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to see a couple of friends and grill out with mom. We’d hesitated to let him, but overlyboy is going skating tonight for one last hurrah with his friends since any sports that could result in falling will be strictly outlawed for a good six months. His doctor said he should get his kicks in while he can. So kicks he shall get. Along with a “surgery cake” and the pile of burgers he requested on the other side (once his stomach settles from the procedure, of course).

Well, off to pretend to listen to this call. One of the Big Muckety Mucks is talking, but thanks to technology, I’m staring at his frozen face and picking up maybe three to four words every few slides. He just announced a huge org change, but no one knows what the hell he said or if we’re even doing the same job Monday as we did today. Oops.

Medicare and BC/BS are royally pissing me off!!! I dropped PartB coverage in August. I had an appointment in October that would then be covered by BCBS, but they insist I still have PartB. I’ve been on the phone and live chat trying to get it straightened out. Meanwhile, the Dr office is pinging on me for $109 that should be coming from BCBS.

I’ve spoken to 3 different people at Medicare and I got 3 different answers. I’m trying to avoid going to the SS office here in town, but I may not have a choice. I am not a happy camper right now.


Go get 'em, Moooommm!!

Like a lot of other Mumpers, I’m waiting for the big Cooldown tomorrow, it’s 62F right now heading for 67F, but tomorrow’s prediction is not to get above freezing. They’ve already cancelled soccer for Saturday, so I’ll see what I can do, since between indoor soccer and fmaily I’ve had something to do each Saturday since November.

talky, hope overly boy has a completely successful surgery (for what again?).

boo fae, probably a silly question, but can they give a cat a ‘local’ anesthetic for a tooth pull?

Bumba, no bumper? Is that even legal these days? Hope the cost isn’t to much.

nellie, that’s a lot of activity; hope you’re feeling OK today.

OK, have eaten some breaking fast foods, so need to get up the ambition to go do my swimmin’ laps in a bit. All y’all stay warm.

I dug thru my big pile o’ papers and found the letter from SS confirming the end to Part B, so I scanned it and sent it to BCBS. Here’s hoping that takes care of it.

We went to Salsa’s for lunch, and I’m about to go outside to hack back wisteria. Then we’ll hibernate tomorrow because cold and icky.

The Ms is going to tackle the taxes today, which is my cue to go hide out somewhere until her head stops spinning around. I need to refinish the bench I built, so I think today is a good day for that, as the garage is outside the blast radius.

TPTB: < sends dogbutler to Irregs >
Me: < looks around > “There’s nothing here to fi-”
Every PDC supervisor in the area: “IT’S dogbutler! HE CAN FIX THIS!”
< avalanche of work >
I’m starting to see why Jesus rn and hid from people after he performed a few miracles.

Welcome back taters!

Wait, I thought you bought a boat, not a tent?

He’s having spinal fusion to correct scoliosis. It’s about a 53 degree curve at this point in his lumbar area, and pulling up on one of his hips, making one leg about two inches shorter than the other. If we do nothing, it will probably cause disc degeneration in the future, so best to fuse it now while the fusion will be “minimal.”

My husband just made a groundbreaking admission to me. He bugs me about lunch constantly because he wants to know what I’m having in case it sounds better than what he’s having so he can eat some of mine. Does anyone here do metalwork? I think I need to construct a lunch safe.

Wisteria has been tamed… a little. It was really nice out, but I’m not motivated enough to do any more. Lazy mode engaged!