The Top Ten Scandals of 2010

Top ten lists are usually created at the end of the year. However, there have been so many scandals erupting during the first five months of this year that we just can’t wait. Assuming that scandals continue at a similar rate throughout the year, a ton of good scandals will simply be forgotten if we don’t produce a top ten list right now. So, off the top of my head, here are my top ten scandals of 2010 so far. Feel free to remind me of any that I didn’t include or post your own ranking.

  1. The Senator from Nevada who got caught in the sex scandal.

  2. Various politicians lying about their military service in Vietnam and other places.

  3. Congressman Eric Massa aggressively going after every young man in his office.

  4. Michael Steele and his aides spending boatloads of RNC money on fancy strip clubs, first-class flights, and other extravagances.

  5. Rand Paul’s embarrassment as he attempts to half-defend, half-revise his stance on the Civil Rights Act.

  6. The mining company is West Virginia whose negligence lead to the death of dozens of miners, and the government agency that ignored all the warning signs.

  7. The Catholic heirarchy being responsible for transferring pedophile priests to new jobs rather than reporting them to the authorities.

  8. The government of Greece apparently modeling their financial reporting on the Enron Corporation.

  9. Toyota covering up flaws in its cars that caused numerous deaths.

  10. BP doing just about everything possible wrong before, during, and after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.