The toppings check list on pizza boxes

You know, where it lists sausage, anchovies etc. with a check box next to them. Has anyone ever seen a pizza place that actually uses those? They seem to be printed on every single pizza box and yet I’ve never once seen them used anywhere!

[ul][li] Yes[/li]
[li] No[/li]
[li] Maybe[/ul][/li]All of the above.

Most places only use them if you order multiple pies with different configurations, so you can tell which box has which.

“Configurations?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not seen any ink markings on pizza box checklists. The only way to tell is to look under the box cover.

Makes sense, as the pizza box is ‘made’ just before a pie is slid into it.

I worked at Cicero’s Pizza for 8 months and we never used those things. Even for the orders of 20+ pizzas we wouldn’t. The boxes are purchased from a pizza distributor and if there’s a lot of pizzas coming out you don’t want to waste your time with marking boxes. And really - how hard is it to open the box and look?


It’s like those little buttons on the top of McDonalds drinks. Cola… Diet… Other.

I have seen those boxes used at a fast food pizza place I go to. They already have pizza’s made up, so you can grab one on the go. They are clearly marked so you’ll know if you’re getting sausage or peperoni, etc, without opening the boxes you don’t want.
And as a former Mcployee, I used those little dots on cola lids to mark the “oddballs”, like an order of 3 cokes and one diet for drive-through orders.

Scotcho, without making you aware of my own feelings, I’d really appreciate it if you could independently rate the quality of Cicero’s against other thin crust pizzas?

When I worked for Pizza Hut delivery, we had a dot-matrix printed ticket that came over the “wire” for each order, that contained the name, address, time, cost, and the order with all ingredients. This fit into a pouch on the bag, and we used this read back the order for the non-regular customers. We never used anything on the box itself, as it was pointless.

I think that Cicero’s Pizza is one of the best thin crust pizzas i’ve had (I haven’t had many). I don’t eat it anymore - not because it’s bad, just that i’m sick of pizza. We’ve had people visiting New York who say that it’s better than pizza in New York.
However, the reason that I find the pizza so delicious is because it’s cooked in a thin coating of oil. This results in a basically fried pizza. Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any worse for you.


so that’s me being lazy and not using the excelent tool called preview. It should read “…people visiting from New York…” :smack:


Thank you very much, Scotcho. I have yet to taste better than Cicero’s. It is simply the finest thin crust pizza I’ve ever had in my life. The oil coating is what allows them to serve it up so thin without it the crust becoming a cracker during the bake time.

I appreciate you verifying this. I have been going to Cicero’s for over 20 years and have yet to taste better. Nunzio may be a cheapskate tightwad but his pizza kicks @ss.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled pizza … I mean, topic.

i find it very creepy (in a cool way) that i probably made, or cooked your pizza and probably bussed your table at least once. Isn’t the SDMB freakin’ awsome! :smiley:

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