The Toronto Olympic Bid Travesty

This week, members of the International Olympic Committee are visiting Toronto to review Toronto’s bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics. They’re being squired around town and put up at the ritziest hotels and being told how wonderful Toronto is and about all the stadia we’ll build and all the volunteers there will be. The city and provincial government, as well as the representatives for our amateur athletic organizations, are pretty much doing everything they can to fellate the IOC folks, figuratively and, as rumours would have it, literally.

So far bid preparation has cost the taxpayer millions, and will cost millions more.

What a massive, colossal pile of bullshit.

The odds of Toronto hosting the 2008 Olympic Games are roughly equivalent to the odds of the planet Neptune hosting the Olympic Games. The only way Toronto is getting the Olympics is if Beijing, Paris, Osaka and Istanbul are all wiped out by meteors before the IOC holds its vote. We have no chance whatsoever. This entire process is a colossal sham; anyone without blinders on can see that the IOC has already decided to give the Games to Beijing, with Paris being the backup choice.

Toronto has no real plan for building Olympic venues and no plan for funding any of this beyond massive taxation, which if history is any guide will not even be close to recouped in revenue. The city is utterly unprepared for this and won’t be ready in 2008. Of course, none of that matters, because the members of the IOC consider only four things when awarding the Games:

  1. Cash bribes
  2. Non-cash bribes
  3. Whores
  4. Trying to get to different continents every now and then

The actual qualifications of the host city and the bid committee mean dick all, as evidenced by the decision to give the Olympics to Atlanta.

Not that it matters. The IOC decided to give this Games to Beijing long ago, because Beijing has doubtlessly redoubled their bribery since Sydney out-bribed them for the 2000 Games. If you actually think the IOC’s nominal “Reforms” changed any of this, you’re fucking retarded. The Olympics are a cesspool of greed, fraud, graft, lying, political backstabbing and avarice on a grand scale.

This whole Toronto bid is an embarassment and a waste of time and money on so many levels I don’t know who to tell to go fuck themselves first. The behaviour of our politicians in blowing the IOC’s cocks is embarassing on two levels; first, because it’s embarassing to watch our leaders falling all over themselves to prove Toronto’s worth to a pack of inbred multi-titled fucksticks whose “qualifications” to make these decisions for the IOC consist entirely of being able to rate luxury hotel rooms (Toronto got 8/10 for luxury hotel rooms for the IOC - it’s an honest-to-God rating category. Really.) drink, and call up escort services. Secondly, it’s embarassing to see them going through this ridiculous dog-and-pony show for what any seven-year-old can see is a scam of the most transparent and offensive nature. Everyone knows it’s going to Beijing. If the Toronto shitheads had half a brain they’d know this. If they had a full brain they would have known that competing for an irreperably corrupt sporting festival against a vicious Communist dictatorship, which doesn’t have the slightest moral or ethical compunction against cheating in every conceivable fashion or enslaving or murdering its own citizens for the sake of convenience in making their “bid,” is a pretty fucking stupid waste of time and money anyway and is frankly above the citizens of a civilized nation, and wasn’t worth the price of a postage stamp to send a letter to Geneva telling the IOC to jam the 2008 Games straight up their smelly shitholes.

We’re being played for fools AND being asked to pay for it, and our idiot “leaders” respond to this insult by putting on clown suits and playing with cream pies for the IOC’s amusement. It’s like being a teenager, and your parents wear jester outfits whenever you’re in public with them. On top of that it’s infuriating that our “leaders” are guilty not only of the most bonebrained dumbfuckery in being fished in like tuna for this scam, but are planning on stealing my money and embezzling plenty of it themselves to pay for the Olympics they’ll never get. Well, fuck them. Fuck them sideways.

As for the IOC, they’re too pathetic to fuck sideways. Just before they arrived Toronto tried to shuffle off all the homeless people downtown. After all, they’re just a bunch of freeloaders with no real jobs who take up a lot of space and drink a lot - the IOC members, that is. When you’re importing rich European freeloaders, the regular Canadian ones gotta move aside.

In summary:

  1. Fuck the Olympics. It’s fun to watch on TV but it’s a surefire money-loser if you hold it youself. We’d be out BILLIONS of dollars, would completely fuck up our city, and would be left with more white elephants than the All-Albino Animal Circus.

  2. Fuck every Canadian associated with the bid. I don’t know which is worse; the fact that they’re a bunch of pathetic, snivelling idiots taking it up the poop-pipe for a pack of Olympics thieves when they’re being scammed the entire time and are too fucking stupid to see it, or the fact that they’re greedy, underhanded weaselfuckers planning to bilk the public of billions so their personal businesses can get in on the action. So fuck them twice: Fuck you! Fuck you! And fuck you again for good measure!

  3. Fuck the Canadian Olympic Committee and the amateur associations who have been whining nonstop since the Sydney games and demanding more and more taxpayer money. The leaders of the COA have screwed up the funding they DO get in such a colossal and fuckwitted fashion that we now have Olympic athletes in Canada who campaign against our own Olympic association.

  4. Fuck the IOC. But who can blame them for taking us for a ride when we’re playing the fool so well? We may as well just take the rest of our bid money, put in it a big paper bag, and hand it over.

Thus ends my rant.

Here, here.

The judges award you 9.7/10.

Perhaps only Manchester has embarassed themselves more than Toronto with their perpetual Olympic bids. Like Toronto, these are also made for the benefit of the poiticians who also get booze, luxury hotel services and to hang with the hoes.

As a Torontonian hoping we win, I gotta say, dude; ouch.

I know it’s plagued by corruption, bribery, rife with nogoodness and whatnot, but damnit, it still stands (in name, anyway) for sportsmanship, goodwill, achieving new personal standards of excellence and so on and so forth. It could be better; it could be WAY better if society wasnt so fucked up. But me, I still believe in it.

I may be an idealist, and I might have my head up my own ass on this one, but dont tell me to fuck off just because I want to hope that there’s still some good, pure things in this world. 'Cause damnit, it’s an important hope.

Oh well, Mnementh. Mnever you nmind.

I would have preferred to see this money going to anadian athletes and training programs. I hate it when everyone talks about this every Olympics, and the banks and power-horders continue to fund nothing except commercials featuring the occasional medal winner we have. The Olympics still have a place for national competition. The athletes deserve better. The politicians deserve calumny.

did you mean ‘mnind’? :smiley:

Otherwise, I agree totally. Athletes do deserve better, and the powerhoarders… well, I hate the commercialization of society at the cost of decency for nothing more than money in ANY event.
Still love the olympics, though.

So, Rick, you’re sayin’ the Toronto bid for 2008 is a bad thing?

Indeed. And as you said recently - Amen brother!

It was so cool to hear of those homeless activists coming in to present their case to the IOC why Toronto should NOT get the Olympics.

Seems to me that some Torontonians have an inferiority complex towards Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal…


I’m with you. Well, actually I’m in Dallas but my attitude was the same as yours. Why do cities go ape shit over the Olympics coming to their city? Does it gain prestige or money for the city itself?

And fuck all those sports teams that hold cities hostage with threats of leaving if the city doesn’t build a new stadium. Uh, sorry, maybe that doesn’t apply here. I like sports as much as the next guy but I don’t see why the tax payers should pay for that kind of crap.


Amen, RickJay. I think you hit the nail on the head.

LOL!! I love that.

I remember when I lived in Vancouver they were seriously considering (maybe they still are) making a bid for the Winter Olymipcs with Whistler. I honestly have no idea what in the fuck some of these people are thinking. That city can’t get its own population around right now without massive gridlock, not to mention a massive influx of tens of thousands of other people/athletes. Get a clue people!

Of course every city that bids for the Olympics has isues. But lets be honest, not every Olympics is going to turn out like Montreal or Atlanta.
The Calgary games were great for the city and for the country. There is no debt on the facilities, there is in fact money set aside for their operations. Also, Canada has improved their performances at the winter games with the legacy left in Calgary.
In Toronto, I suspect, somebody will always find a reason why they should no host the games. But don’t sell them short, it is a wonderous time (at least it was for Calgary).

Besides, as far as I can tell the only good thing the Olympics did for Montreal was get the green line of the metro extended to Honoré-Beaugrand, and provide the setting for Patricia Nell Warren’s The Front Runner.

Ah, now Expo - there we got the attention of the world, two fabulous parks, the entire metro system, and … uh, the Decarie Expressway. Okay, you win some, you lose some.

On a related note, there’s a group bidding to bring the Olympics to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 or something. Yecch! Like this area doesn’t have enough traffic problems – let’s bring something in that will make it 10 times worse! If I’m still living here by that time, I will be the first guy on the anti-Olympic bandwagon.

The provincial and federal governments lost $500 MILLION on the Calgary Games. Every Olympics that has ever been held, ever, has lost money, except the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, which were a special case (no other city wanted them, so the IOC let LA and California keep all the money.)

And the Winter Olympics is a much, much smaller event. It’s a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the bullshit.

I’m suprised to hear that Calgary lost money. If any city could have made money on it, it was Calgary. I was there during those olympics, and very little extra infrastructure seemed to be built, just an athletes village that is now regular residences, a few minor improvements to some ski hills, and a totally cheesey outdoor podium that was used to present medals.

A truly outstanding performance on the OP, RickJay! Now, before you head to the medals podium, if you’ll just please pee into this little cup for this little test we do … thanks.

Now, are you sure this stuff isn’t basically spadework for a 2012 bid? My understanding has always been that a city rarely gets the Games the first time they try for it. Instead, they have to go through a trial run that not only gets them experience for when they do it for real, but makes a favorable impression on the IOC eurotrash for later on. IOW, don’t get off your knees in front of them just yet.

Now, it may be true that Beijing has it wired, but it may not be, either. Samaranch has repeatedly been said to covet a Nobel Peace Prize for the IOC, and that minor matter with human rights over there may impede that quest.

It may also be that Canada getting the Games again could be a consolation prize in case Dick Pound is passed over as Samaranch’s successor, although it’s true that may not happen this time.

As to whether or not the Games are worth having, well, there’s no way to say directly - you can’t point to any of the Chamber of Commerce boosterism that all cities do and directly relate it to tangible results, either. It’s just advertising, and it can work for you or against you.

So where did all those ho’s with kneepads come from? Are they Toronto natives, or did you have to bus them in from the States?

Outstanding post, RickJay.

Now run for city council, or mayor, or Parliament, or organize or join a loud, obnoxious citizens committee to let your stupid politicians know what you expressed so eloquently here. Shout it from the rooftops (after you shovel the snow off them, of course). Otherwise the politicians will just keep sucking the IOC’s dick.

Toronto bid for, and failed to land, the 1996 Olympics, finishing third to Atlanta and Athens.

That could happen, but if they want to give Canada an Olympics they can give us the 2010 Winter Games, which Whistler is bidding for, and still collect the big bribes the Chinese are offering. This would also allow for another U.S. Games in 2012, and the bid committees are already organizing.

If Toronto gets the 2008 Olympics we’ll be paying higher taxes for forty years. That’s not an exaggeration. Montreal’s STILL paying for 1976, and they’ve still got the blight that is Stade Olympique.

*Originally posted by RickJay *

Do you have a cite for this? It seems to me that the Calgary games did not lose any money.

Sorry, RickJay. The Romanian judge has only given your OP a 7.0, and that’s not enough to make the finals.

You’re being awfully hard on the Chinese and their Beijing Olympic bid. They’ve got seven whole years to kill all their pro-democracy citizens and clean the blood off the sidewalks.

Then, what a grand, uniform spectacle we will see!

You say they suck cock like it’s a bad thing…