The Trees Are out to get me

I have never been an allergic person. I grew up in Florida and my mother’s house was surrounded by beautiful Spanish moss draped oaks. So when i moved to Texas in mid summer, I thought it would be a great idea to buy a house with these old growth oaks. They reminded me of home and hoped they would help shade the house from the brutal spouth Texas sun. I had no idea that they would turn on me and attack me. They start every six months. It starts small with just a few leaves shedding and I get a little scratchy throat and I feel like I am getting a small cold that won’t go away. Within a week the yard is filling up and the cough starts and I start to wheeze, my nose clogs up and all that nasty yellow pollen covers everything outside. Then the real attack hits. My lungs are burning like a frickin’ mustard gas attack I feel like a I have a sumo sitting on my chest I haven’t had a complete lung full of oxygen in two weeks. Believe me folks, breathing is NOT a function that is over rated!! My eyes itch and water, I sneeze and cough until my head aches and I feel like my lungs are going to come out of my mouth. I go to the doctor (again and again) and they just look at my sympathetically and say “Yes, Ms. Mipiace, we get a lot of complaints like that this time of year. Unfortunately yours is just a bad case. it will get better when the pollens dissipates. Pray for rain.” That is about the time I want to slap the doctor. Shall I fdo a rain dance? I am taking Tessalon (dries my nose out until it hurts) Psudephrine (makes me speedy) Zyrtec (makes me sleepy) Deconamine (makes me REALLY sleepy) and Flonase (well, at least it smells nice) …I swear I am moving to the fricking desert. I used to love the outdoors. I have replaced my AC filters with the super-duper anti pollen filters and I go from inside my house to inside my car to inside my work. I find myself yellign at the kids to close the door. IS there a phobia based on the fear of trees? I think I am developing this phobia!!! HELP!

Welcome to Texas. Hope you enjoy your stay. Have you considered allgery shots? Or you could move.

How about Allegra? 180mg (triple the usual does) once a day works wonders for my cat allergies. It took me a little while to get used to it though. It was a good thing I took it before bed. It made me a little drowsy, that went away and I can take it in the morning now. I do kinda miss the hallucinations though.

er that was triple the usuale dose. Sorry.