The true successor to the Mini is here. Maybe.

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Anyway, Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1 ubercar, has been muttering for years about a city car design he’s been working on. It’s finally here - the T.25. Narrow enough to park three abreast in a UK-sized parallel parking space (which means you can probably fit four in a US space!). Narrow enough to drive two abreast in a single road lane, even! Like the F1, the driver sits in the middle, with one passenger behind him on each side.

Given Murray’s chassis design know-how, I’m assuming it won’t tip over at the drop of an elk like the Smart ForTwo. Of course, I could be wrong, especially since as far as I can tell Murray has never designed a small car before.

Now, we all know the BMW MINI has little to do with the original Mini; the first one was revolutionary, while the current one is just cute. We’ve been waiting for a true successor for years? Is this is?

I’m going to go with a big fat ‘no’. The original Mini and it’s modern replacement are pretty cool looking cars, this is just embarrassing.

Also no. The Mini was small and nimble, but still had enough room for general usage – long distance drives, going out for the night with your SO, or even racing. This doesn’t look to be useful for much beyond going to work or picking up some groceries, certainly not for anything where you’d be enjoying the experience or pushing the envelope. You may as well strap an all-wheel drive system and 500HP engine onto a moped.

Jeremy, Richard and James are going to have a field day with this one

It’s no Peugeot BB-1

The mini shifted the entire car buying paradigm…there have been many imitators since then.

To expect another car in the same mould as the mini is not news - it has been done and done to death. Today the closest thing to the original Mini would be the Tata Nano.

On the other hand, if we are having this discussion in 30 years, what car will be it that changed the whole car buying paradigm? It could well be something like this…

What I am waiting for is the practical single person vehicle. It almost was this:

The Fiat 500 is the best ‘mini’ out there.

I liked the Dutch (?) 3-wheeler thing which tilted that they showed on Top Gear. Seemed like a pretty decent single seater. It even had two seats!


Honda’s prototype, the U3-X. (Youtube)

can’t get any smaller than that.

It seems to me that the biggest drawback of a car like this is safety. The chances of being more gravely injured if you’re a car like this and you have an accident with a behemoth SUV must be considerably higher than even in a Mini, which are in turn higher than in a slightly larger compact car, and so on.

So long as there are still people driving tall, heavy land yachts, I’ll stick with my little Hyundai.

Here’s a tiny car I’d consider getting.

The most revolutionary thing about the Mini was not its size or its price. It was its packaging - nobody had previously built a car that small because nobody could figure out how to build one with decent passenger space. It was the Mini’s layout - front wheel drive and transversely mounted engine - that was revolutionary, as well as its rubber cone suspension (and later, gas-filled dampers).

Just about every small car built since has copied the layout (though not the suspension).

I wonder about the effect of such a tilt-open access in a driving rain or heavy snow. Many of these mini-cars seem to be designed for use in good weather only.

No, just not for Canada. :wink:

Cool! I want one! Walking is so last millennium. And while I am riding my U3-X my shorts will be riding up on me!