The Tudors - 5/2/10

Looks like they’re starting to add fat layers to the king. Heads will likely roll in the next ep and I, for one, cannot wait to see the end of that actress playing Catherine. What a poor choice: there is nothing appealing, attractive or sexy about her. I suppose she is meant to be an unsympathetic character, but I really can’t stand her.

Harsh! And she speaks so highly of you!

Like either of us give a rat’s ass.

I do think she has a spirit about her that would appeal to an aging king, but I completely agree that the actress isn’t the head turner that the script called for, or, at least, our modern day image of a head turner. In those days, clear skin and straight teeth probably went a long way. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty dismayed that they haven’t gone to more lengths to make the King really unattractive, which was the truth, but would also help us understand why a young Queen would seek out a young, attractive lover. I mean, seriously, what woman would cheat on a dude who looked Jonathyn Rhys-Myers, especially knowing the consequences? Ah, but add 75 pounds to his frame, another 20 years on his face, and throw in a perpetually pustulant leg, and you’d be able to better see AND smell why she acted so recklessly.

BTW, I believe that the letter that Culpepper and Lady Rocheforth read aloud a few episodes ago was verbatim, though an abbreviated version, of the Queen’s actual 1541 letter to him. One wonders why she wrote such an incriminating letter and why he kept it. If she was too young and naive to understand the repercussions of playing around on the King of England, he wasn’t.

And I don’t recall ever reading anything about the King seeking out Anne of Cleves as a bedmate. They reportedly remained on friendly terms with each other, referring to each other as dear cousin or brother or something like that, but I think the producers completely fabricated that tangent.

I miss Anne Boleyn and the first Katherine, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised this season, even if Henry is still too good looking (and how could he not be red-headed??) I liked the scene with Mary blessing the people and the way Henry looked at her as she did so well. I think they’ve handled her very well, you can see how she’s on the path to be “Bloody Mary”. She’s probably too pretty as well, but you can see how she would become bitter.