The Twilight Series-unboxed spoilers

I just finished reading the fourth book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series and I came here to search for a thread about it. I’m suprised not to find one, especially with the movie coming out in December. (And now someone will come along and link to one and I’ll feel dumb.) They weren’t exactly literary masterpieces, but it was a good series.

Has anyone else read them? What was your overall impression? Did you like the ending? I thought book 4 was by far the best of the bunch because the series matured and dealt with darker topics as it went on, much like Harry Potter. Favorite character? Glaring holes in the plot that drive you nuts? Planning to see the movie?

Talk vampires with me, Dopers!

My 16-year-old daughter is nuts for them, and she’s counting the hours until the movie comes out.

I’m thinking these were written for the teenage girls who think vampires are sexy.

A friend loaned me the books (by mail) and I managed about 100 pages of the first one. It didn’t grab me. Too much repetition, like Meyer was writing for readers who can’t remember who the characters are from one page to the next. Bella is klutzy, Edward is gorgeous, Bella’s beautiful but doesn’t know she’s beautiful, etc. When I start :rolleyes: in a book, that’s my cue to give up.

No doubt about that. I have several adult coworkers who are reading/have read the books though, and from what I hear Meyer has a sizeable adult following. I picked the first one up after reading that they were comparable to the Potter books. I don’t think they are, but I enjoyed them well enough for light reading.

I was reading them at work, so that lowers the bar :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the 4th book was the worst. I think it was Meyer’s wish-fulfillment fantasy:

Meyer has only sons - I think Renesmee was her wanting to have a baby girl. We are also not going into the Mary Sue name. Although I now want to write Renee/Esme femmeslash so I can use Renesmee as a smushy pairing name.

They aren’t the worst books out there, for sure. A lot of people forget they are for teen girls. Although I liked the forbidden relationship better when Anne Rice did it, but that’s probably because I was in Grade 9 when I read Pandora.

Fandom has made me jaded and want a better class of vampire romance!

I just finished the series myself, and found they sucked me in–I had a hard time putting them down. Of course, I’m also a bit of a sucker for vampire stories anyways. It also reminded me a lot of my own relationship with my husband.

Admit it, though. You can’t help but giggle at the image of Bella smashing a boulder into dust.

The fourth book is the weakest to me because everything was just so perfect. Obviously I didn’t want a character killed off or anything, but it all just worked out so perfectly that it kind of cheapened it.

I love love LOVE the first book and the third one is great too. I’m a big Edward fan swoon so New Moon was a bit tough to get through, but it wasn’t a bad read at all. None of them are, really. There aren’t many points when I want to say “Get ON with it already!”, they move along at a nice pace and most of the characters are appealing.

Also, ladies, admit it. You want to be swept off your feet by a sexy vampire.

Bella SMASH!

I thought her skipping the “newborn” phase was a bit of a cop-out done to keep her hands free of human blood and the readers on her side. She was probably my least favorite character, though, too much mooning (heh) around.

I have that problem with most series. You don’t really want anything bad to happen to the characters that you like, but then when it doesn’t you’re let down that you got what you expected.

kushiel, do you think that’s why she chose to have the books end that way, with Bella’s baby being the center of the conflict? If she would have given birth to a boy the whole Jacob side-plot wouldn’t have worked out.

I enjoyed the series. I couldn’t put them down. I read all 4 books in 5 or 6 days.

I could relate with Bella in a lot of ways so it was easy to get wrapped up in the books. And Edward - how can anyone not adore him?

Everything worked out perfectly in the end. They’re all happy, they all get along, have the perfect guy/girl for them, etc. Bella even keeps her relationship with her father. It was somewhat annoying but I don’t think I would’ve liked it if things didn’t work out the way they were written.

I’m also anxious to see the Twilight movie but I know it wont be nearly as good as the book. I’ve imagined all of the people and places that were described… I just don’t think the movie will live up to my vivid imagination. I wasn’t expecting someone like Robert Pattinson to play Edward… but then who would? Edward is so often described as god-like, gorgeous, etc. There’s no actor that could portray the perfect Edward I’ve imagined. However - Robert is growing on me… a little.

Has anyone else read Midnight Sun? (partially available on Stephanie Meyer’s website) - I enjoyed Edward’s perspective so much more than Bella’s. He’s more realistic - not just the perfect god-man Bella lusts after. I enjoyed reading about his day to day life, his emotions, struggles, etc. I loved that he started to compose music again once Bella came along too. I just hope Stephanie Meyer will finish Midnight Sun some day.

I adore Edward. :wink:

In the interests of not thread-crapping all over the place, I’ll just leave it at: no. No, I really don’t.

This is a pretty fabulous summary of what goes on in the books. In fact, all of her parodies/summaries are worth reading…

Honestly, I think she chose it because it ties up the loose ends nicely - everyone gets their happily ever after. Kinda like the ending to the last HP book.

I don’t have a lot of respect for her as a writer. She said that she would never write Carlisle’s backstory because it would be ‘too much research’. Uh huh. Look at my username - I can’t respect someone who finds historical research too daunting! :wink:

I’m with Kythereia. I think Shinga accurately describes my feelings about this series.

(spoilers for the last book)