The "TWIST" on Trading Spouses

School began so I may not get back to this thread for a few days but could someone answer this question about the TV show “Trading Spouses”. The question is; **how does FOX keep finding families that don’t know about the twist?**I’m referring to how the other wife or husband decides how their host family will spend the 50 grand?

Maybe they filmed an entire run before the first one was aired? If this is the case they’re gonna have to find a new twist for season 2…

I Hope so because that TWIST is getting tired but the show is still cool…it’s the one show my entire family likes. I wonder if they would ever trade the kids, I wouldn’t mind living with a rich family for a week. :smiley:

Forget “didn’t know”.

I don’t understand how this twist works to begin with. People on reality shows apparently sign over the right to be fucked with in all kinds of ways. But they have to sign something, right? And if you’re agreeing to do something and be filmed night and day for $50,000, wouldn’t you check the contract and see where it says you’re getting $50,000? And wouldn’t the contract have to say that? Not…“you’re getting $50,000 please sign right under my tumb covering up those last two lines…”

I hate reality shows, but from what I’ve seen of them (some of the American, some of the English Wife Swap) they’re actually pretty interesting. I don’t know why the American version has to add a layer of fucking with people to it.