The U. S. Military and total abstinence

I’d like to know how the military deals with this today (cf. this link) as compared to the procedures accepted in World War I and World War II. (I got my information from a Contemporary Health course I took in college–the instructor was a nice guy, and a weightlifting coach, and looked like one.)
The American soldiers, sailors and Marines sent to Europe in World War I were told “THOU SHALT NOT!!”–i.e., total abstinence. Didn’t work.
By World War II, the U. S. brass had wised up, and, as most WWII veterans probably remember, the American military personnel going overseas were warned what they could expect if they got too friendly with women in Europe or the Orient.
So how does the military deal with this now?

Speaking for the aviation community in the Navy, I can say that whenever I’ve deployed, I’ve gotten an “in-chop” from the people who are already there. This brief usually consists of administrative items, some operational items, and maybe some anti-terrorist training. I do not remember ever getting any pointers on safe sex. I have toted planefuls of young guys through Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, many places in Japan, Rota, Spain… lots of places where I’d think safe sex would be a priority. As the guy in charge, I’ve never given a safe sex brief to anyone, and no one above me has either asked or required me to. I assume these men can take care of themselves… so far, I haven’t had any problems.

Every quarter we get GMT, or general military training, where they cover things like dui’s, sexual harassment, how to properly lift boxes, and pointers like checking your vehicle out before making a long drive… all common sense stuff aimed at the clueless (or potentially drunk) sailor. Again, I do not recall ever getting any type of brief aimed at safe sex.

Not sure if I answered your question, but I hope I’ve helped.

Are you asking how the military deals with soldiers and prostitutes currently? or just with wild Mexico whores?

what flyboy88 said. When I was a young infantryman in Germany in the early 90s you learned most of the ropes from your squad and platoon mates that had been there for a while. We definately didn’t have a formal program in 3AD, however, someone in my company did get one of those old Army hygeine films; and that has caused me nightmares for years…

We were always briefed on “sexual safety” whenever we pulled into a port that was considered “dangerous”.This was in the mid-80’s when aids was just becoming well known.The ships Corpsman would Brief us on any reported cases of disease in the area.He’d tell us what areas to avoid ((they were always the first places we went, go figure)), and pass out Navy issue condoms by the basketful. Yup Monty, they had Navy stock numbers on the wrappers.