The UK State Pension department is playing mind games with me

I’ve just received (14th Dec) a letter asking me to telephone them to arrange a time for them to telephone me so that they can review what my financial circumstances were on 20th Oct last (my 75th birthday). If I fail to contact them by Dec 27th 60% of what I receive will be suspended. This will also result in my rent not being paid by the local authority. Back in Sep they sent me a letter saying they would shortly contact me by telephone seeking information about my financial cirvumstances on Oct 20th (my 75th birthday). Nothing happened so I rang them and was told they would soon contact me … they had not yet got round to dealing with my case. When I ring them I expect them to arrange to contact me some time next year.

lol it sounds like dealing with the us social security agency and anything to do with the state of California …

Just make sure you keep all papers they send and if there allowed to give you a name or employee number when ya call them write that down too

Problem solved … the letter was computer generated - nobody told it about Xmas. I’ve been assured that a human would decide if my money should be stopped.

Uh oh.

Sounds a bit fishy to me. Double-check with Contact the Pension Service - GOV.UK and