The Ultimate D&D Group?

So, planning for my future when I run into a hefty sum of money, I plan to get together a group of actors, comedians and interesting people and paying them to engage in D&D which will be recorded and sold to a tv network as celebrity D&D (Bravo could be all over it, even SciFi… seriously).

So who do you think I should put the money towards? Here’s who I’m thinking:

Robin Williams
Orlando Jones
John Malkovich
Wil Wheaton

And maybe two more people, yet to be determined.

How about you all, who do you think would provide for a fun and interesting D&D game?

This is of course assuming everyone involved would be interested and would actually be trying to enjoy themselves, so just go ahead and assume we somehow convince them to do it :wink:

You’d better be one hell of a DM if you’re bringing Williams on board or he’ll eat your lunch! He’ll definitely need to be an impossible multiclass. Like a Elf/Orc/Human Paladin/Assassin/Illusionist/Bard with a critical fear of humanoids smaller than himself.

Of course, the game will go nowhere because he’ll be ranting like a lunatic all the time. But should be fun.

I Suggest Dennis Hopper to kind of even things out. He can play a Druid.

Yeah Robin definitely be a challenge to DM for, but it would be a hell of a fun time.

I had actually just been thinking about Christopher Walken as a Bard, since he loves his monologues and random songs, but Dennis Hopper would fill the hole nicely. We’ll see, maybe someone else has a better idea.

Bruce Campbell as a beserker warrior could be pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing Samuel L. Jackson as a paladin or wizard of some kind.

I think you’ll need some of those British Royal Shakespeare Company types to play Paladins and Clerics. You know, like Patrick Stewar or Brian Blessed. Brian Cox would be great, too - I’d see him as an evil wizard.

Oh, and get Peter Stormare to play a barbarian.

Hand me my Holy Sword. It’s the one that says “Bad Motherfucker” on it.

Updated List:
Robin Williams
Samuel L Jackson
John Malkovich
Wil Wheaton
Bruce Campbell
Christopher Walken / Dennis Hopper

I dig it, though I think Wil may suddenly feel out of his league.

As to those who said we need a British Shakespearean actor, I’ve got John Malkovich, that should provide more than enough Shakespeare.

If I were stuck in a room with those four in a D&D game, I would either shoot each of them in the head or myself in the head, depending on how compassionate I’m feeling at the time.

Am I the only person reminded of John Kovalic’s Dork Tower has already given us The League of Extraordinary Gentlegamers?

(IIRC, the LoEGG consisted of Vin Diesel, Wil Wheaton, Robin Williams, and… gaaaah… drat! Failed my “Recall obscure facts” roll!)

You idiots!

What a wiener fest.

You need some girls in there, preferably in chain-mail bikinis if you want to have any hope of television air time.

You’re talking about a bunch of people sitting around, rolling dice and referring to arcane reference manuals. Better be some damn interesting eye candy, or your viewing audience is going to be nil.

Bring in J. Michael Strasczinski, too. And it might be fun to have a pro wrestler represented, too, though I’m not up on wrestling to suggest anyone in particular.

Robin Williams would be no more difficult to DM for than your typical Kendar. I was once in a party with a Kendar who considered skipping right down the middle of a major highway in bright primary-colored clothes while whistling loudly and off-key to be the height of stealth… And amazingly, it somehow managed to work.

This girl, from the Mythbusters, would be a good start – it says she carves D&D dragons for a hobby. Close enough.

Hey, girls play D&D too!

How about Angelina Jolie as a rogue or assassin, distracting the rest of the party with her pouty lips as she stabs them in the back?

You’re absolutely right! I’m just used to the weinerfest.

Robin Williams
Samuel L Jackson
John Malkovich
Angelina Jolie
Bruce Campbell
Dennis Hopper
Janeane Garofolo (kudos to my roommates for this one)

Dude, Vin Diesel shops at my store now and again. I think think I met him before he started making movies.
I keep meaning to ship him a copy of Spycraft as a bit of a joke, and a bit of a hint.

I read somewhere he used to play D&D, so it isn’t a total joke.

Heck, just play with the entire cast of The Daily Show.

I’ve read that Lexa Doig says that she is addicted to computer RPGs. Inviting her might be dangerous, though, since she would be distracting AND know what she’s doing!

When I saw the thread title, I started thinking of historical figures. So, to slightly hijack:

Henry VIII
John Lennon
Mark Twain

Of course, George Plimpton would be the GM.

Will Wheaton.