The Ultimate Nitpick?

If I try a new Search or to refresh New Posts, I receive the message:

“This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds before submitting another search. You have 79 seconds to wait before another search will be allowed.”

All well and good in most cases. However, occasionally I get one that says:

“This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds before submitting another search. You have 1 seconds to wait before another search will be allowed.”

I would expect someone like The Straight Dope to use the correct “1 second,” singular.

2 minutes to search?!

Okay–let me get this straight–2 minutes to search, every 10 minutes the forum almost times out when I try to view a thread because something occasionally locks down the server, there are no avatars, no images, no signatures, and I see tons of messages complaining about moderation and forums getting locked. Yeah, I want to pay for that (yeah right).

Just delete my account, please–this is pathetic.

Bye bye.

That’s gotta be a VB feature, not unique to the SDMB. I don’t think TPTB want to upgrade the software because they want to keep it inline with the Moderating. Crude but effective. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re going to judge the internet on the quality of the server and not the content you’re going to miss out and so much good stuff online.

Kizzume: I’m posting this twice, in the two different threads you seem to have read (or at least posted in) in hopes that you’ll see it.

This forum, “ABOUT THIS MESSAGE BOARD” is not what we’re about, but it appears to be all you’ve read. My suggestion is that, before you make up your mind, you take a look at some threads in “General Questions” (where people can find answers to whatever bugs them), or in “Cafe Society” (for discussion about arts/entertainment) or in “Great Debates” (for comments on the unanswerable) or “Mundane Pointless Stuff…” also known as MPSIMS (for generally getting to know people here and their concerns.)

If you’re judging us based on (a) server limitations, (b) lack of avatars, and © tiny surcharge, then may I suggest that you’re using fairly superficial criteria. Take a look at some real content and what this set of Message Boards is all about (“Fighting ignorance” is our rallying cry), and then decide. Frankly, while the main reason we require payment is to fund the boards, there’s a secondary reason: it keeps out trolls and trouble-makers who don’t want to shell out just to annoy people. That’s just one of the things that makes us different from the zillions of other Message Boards.

Now, Siam Sam, yeah, that is pretty much a nitpick that no one cares about. I offer two comments:
(1) The cost of putting in a fix is not worth it, given how few times people will get a “one second” notification.
(2) The term “seconds” means, of course, helpings from a meal. Thus, you have one chance at getting a refill would be expressed as “you have 1 seconds.” So, obviously, the vB system is correct in its grammar, you’ve just misunderstood what they were saying.


I think the two-minute rule is silly. AIUI it was put there so that the server would not be shut down through maliciousness. But since only members can search, and since it’s in our interests not to launch an attack against ourselves, I think the limit is useless.

Not useless – it gives even the brownnosers amongst us, who fail to see a conspiracy behind every decision by TPTB, something to bitch about.

ETA: Let me clarify that I consider myself to be amongst said brownnosers. :wink:

Change the unit of measure to miliseconds. Then you’d never need singular form unless you happened to hit the 1 mSec mark, and what are the odds of that?

Ah, but then someone would come along an nitpick about the spelling of “milisecond” as opposed to “millisecond”.

Not I, of course. I wouldn’t do a thing like that. :smiley:

Looks like I’d best pile it up on my plate for Christmas then, if that’s all I get! :eek: