2 minute searching?

Is it me, or did we revert back to the 2 minute rule for searches?
I am damn near positive that we were using one minute in between search inquiries. I know a while back we tried a 2 minute rule and had a big fuss over it being too long. When I did searches only last week and the limit was one minute, I figured we’d gone back to that to make lives easier and didn’t think anything of it.

Now we’re back to 2 minutes? Or am I dreaming this?

In the test I just did and in every search I’ve ever done too quickly (first about 6 months or so ago), it always says I have to wait “120 seconds” between searches.

Yes, for a while the time limit was 60 seconds. However, it must have exhausted the hamsters so much that they reverted to 120 seconds.

I noticed this morning that it had increased to 120 seconds. Previously I’ve had the message advising it was 60 seconds.

Searching has been moved back to 2 minutes where it was for a few months earlier this year. During that time the SDMB ran relatively well. Certainly better than recently when search time also had been moved downwards to 1 minute. While I can’t say that time between searches has any impact on the increased timeout issues we’ve been having lately I can say search is related to board performance issues.

This increase in search time is an experiment and a temporary attempt to try to get better overall performance out of the hardware/software as it is NOW. If we don’t see an improvement in performance that tells us something and search time can be changed once again.

I understand moving search times to 2 minutes is a hardship on many, to others it’s an inconvenience, to some they don’t care. I’m doing it in hopes to improve the situation for all.


It’s occasionally a small inconvenience to me. If it improves overall services to the members, then it’s the right decision.

It affects the “New Posts” link, which I think a lot of people use when they’re heavily involved in a thread. Waiting two minutes means many posts drop off the front page.

Not really a big deal to me, but one minute would be preferable.

Hit the back arrow instead of hitting “New posts” each time.

Joey, that doesn’t refresh the page, it just takes you back to the original.

Once you subscribe to a thread, you can click on the User CP link and there is no delay on the update on your subscribed threads. Try this instead of the New Posts Link.


Thanks, I use my CP a lot. But I like to see what new threads have popped up, since there are some forums I don’t spend a lot of time in.

Cool, I wasn’t sure.