The Ultimate Solution to trigger happy officers and police shootings

It’s clear that we will never truly stamp out the fears of men, and trigger fingers. It’s also clear that “I felt threatened” is enough of a defense to kill just about anyone in the line of duty.

I get it, it’s not a sunshine and roses job, and some people are awful and willing to take you out. But I have a solution. A solution that will completely eliminate fear based shootings.

We need to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into robotics research. In order to prevent skynet like assaults we will of course need the robocops to be more like augmented drones coupled with an AI. The human would tell to AI assisted robocop drone where to go, and it would perform the necessary calculations needed to propel itself and apprehend criminals. If there was a stop, there would be no fear of personal injury for the drone since the officer controlling it would not be in direct harms way, officer related shootings based on fear will be virtually eliminated.

This is the answer.

Everyone here knows I am right. And now I will open up the debate floor so that everyone can agree with me. Or… will someone dare contest this perfect solution? Does someone dare ?!?

I clicked on this thread title claiming to have an “Ultimate Solution” and admit I was expecting a proposal quite different.

And as a part-time developer, I find this proposal horrifying. It took the Internet like 18 hours to turn Microsoft’s Twitter AI into a Nazi.

What could go wrong?

But seriously, this is why we don’t give them full autonomy.

Teslas don’t have full autonomy either, and yet they seem to already be killing people. I vote “no”. :wink:

“I’m sure it’s only a glitch. A temporary setback.”


This strikes me as a solution with the potential to cause many more problems than it solves.

Well you can’t just lay off hundreds of thousands of cops. It would disrupt the economy. Therefore the current human police would now be in charge of policing the robot police. If one malfunctions, he could step in and resolve the situation. Even if the human commits a fear based killing, it would be ok because he is only destroying a robot. I agree. The OP’s solution is perfect, and therefore final.


That incident was strictly the person’s fault. He ignored explicit warnings about what he shouldn’t do.

What about the hundreds of thousands of jobs created by building the robots, designing the software, etc.? It all evens out in the end.

That one looks like it had some engineer named Yanez/Zimmerman writing the disengage algorithms.

Each current cop could control his own robot avatar. Also, yes, this is a final solution, but a positive one.

I’m sorry, but the OP’s solution is jiveass.

Robot cops will just lead to remote-controlled robot criminals, and we’ll have horrible robot shoot-outs in the streets, while the diminishing number of humans willing to go out in public duck for cover. :eek::smack:

This is a good idea, but it can be made better and simpler.

Don’t arm the robot drones.

Why do they need weapons? We give weapons to cops to use in case the criminals they are facing are willing to kill the cops in order to escape justice.

I don’t care all that much if someone shoots up a drone. (I do care a bit, but it’s property damage, and can be added to their fine/incarceration, but it’s not a life we are protecting here.)

Get pulled over, the cop stays in his car, the drone comes up and asks for your credentials, you can talk to the cop over the drone’s intercom, and the drone can issue your citation. Benefit, the entire interaction is recorded, and if a higher up needs to be involved, you are already communicating over a radio. Easy enough for them to patch in if it is necessary.

Can have drones patrolling the streets, watching for criminal activity, breaking it up if the people are amenable to being shooed off by a drone, or reported for increased police presence.

You could have some drones with weapons to be used in the case of dangerous criminals, but that would be a bit more difficult technologically speaking, especially when it comes to safeguards against malfunction or abuse.

It would probably be better to leave the humans armed to respond to situations where an armed presence is necessary, though with drones as backup to provide intel and documentation.

There would still be individuals who need to be killed because they are posing an immediate threat to public safety, active shooters and the like, but no one would need to be killed because an officer “feared for his safety”.

I think non-lethal robotics could be used for apprehension or smoking someone out of a home if there are no hostages. I’m also surprised that there isn’t more product development of weaponry that can zero in on a suspect (or group of them) and overwhelming them without actually killing him.

A better solution would be to replace guns on cops with zero point energy rays. For anyone who hasn’t seen the Incredibles, this is a ray that completely immobilizes anyone hit with it and also allows them to be moved wherever the user wants. This way if you accidentally shoot someone who is not a threat the person is not harmed just temporarily paralyzed, then they can be removed from their vehicle and searched without any danger to the policeman.

Perhaps if people would just “stop resisting”?

You get to work on that.

The technologies in the proposals so far in this thread are entirely reasonable and practical.

You could do some minor modifications to an off the shelf drone to perform most of these tasks.

Your zero point energy ray is a bit far fetched, it may have seemed easy in a movie that you saw, but movies are not reality.

Could you, perhaps, give some advice that would have prevented this shooting?

Be much appreciated, TIA.