The UN wants to regulate the internet?

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First, does anyone have more on this? This can’t be the whole story.

Second, I can’t see how having China be part of the decision on if and how the internet would be controlled would be a good thing.

Finally, do you think there should be any kind of worldwide regulation of the internet, and if so what kind?

I love how they list it as “little known agency”, but then again I’m in telecommunications. The ITU is a standards body not some sort of jackbooted censor.

Just for kicks here’s the ITU-T wikipage basically unless you can get a network to work together, either through universal standards or through bridging devices between disparate standards you have a mess.
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Good God no! In addition to China, lets not forget all the Islamic countries that would be all over this and I wouldn’t care for the way they would censor it. And then there are all the pissant countries that would be trying to make money on it so the local dictator could buy his newest mistress a palace or a fur coat or whatever.

Taken as a whole, I don’t think there should be any controls on the Internet. Who could you trust with the job? I wouldn’t want the US or the UK controlling it either. Even in democratic countries, popular opinion can be swayed and the populace could wind up destroying one of the best things ever invented.

Right now, people can say things to those in other countries that they could never say publicly where they live. Burma, China, and tons of other countries have dissidents that use the 'net to speak out against whatever tyranny they are living under. That would all stop as soon as local governments got their hands on it.



WCIT-12 Overview

Considering the following --> Resolution 146 (Antalya, 2006) review of

It’s 70 pages of definitions and working group approaches to nextwork harmonization.

Basically the CNN article is yet another American freakout over anything associated with the UN. Or would someone be good enough to dig up what exactly they object to?

If you send a radio signal it can cross borders, and so can the internet. But my radio signal can prevent your from being used and that is not true of my internet usage. That is a crucial difference and makes any international control of the internet utterly unnecessary and unwise.

I really don’t think there *could *be any kind of regulation on the internet.