The unbiased media

So I read the paper today and this is the article that catches my eye: “Monkey shortage hampers research, scientists say”

I continue to open the page, only to find this . Now I happen to be friends with the other animals, fur, feathers, fins or scales, but animal research is an argument I haven’t the soapbox for.

What I noticed was the picture selected for this article. Now this is the cutest wittle baby monkey I have ever seen. So cute I would damn near nurse it were I lactating. What I hope is that the young lady (let’s call her Rachel) who works in the basement at CNN selecting photos to back up copy is so pleased with herself that she is presently indulging in some granola laced soy yogurt product whilst in lotus position, Birkenstocks cast jauntily aside under her desk, humming a Phish song.
I am darned proud of her for daring the wrath of Ted Turner who is probably perusing the online press whilst (yes; also whilst) gnoshing an extra-rare bison burger flown straight from Montana with his Bruno Magli croco shoes propped on his massive leather-topped desk.

That Rachel sure is a ballsy chick. Just wanted her to know that I got her point.