"The Uninvited" can still creep me the heck out after all these years

It was released in 1944, and the special effects are negligible and don’t compare of course to modern CGI. But damn the old flick is still as creepy as hell. The tension is palpable, and the cinematographer could do more with dark rooms and shadows than many a modern computer artist can do with imaginative monsters and ghouls. I’ve seen it many times yet after watching it last night I was still afraid to go into a dark room afterwards to fetch my robe.

Just came in to say “Agreed.” Watched it again last night as well. Classic!

What role did Cornelia Otis Skinner play? The administrator of the nut house (oops, rest home)? I watched part of it last night but couldn’t do the whole thing cuz I would be too scared!

Yes, Skinner is Miss Holloway. Love this movie-- I watch it over and over! It’s less scary after about the 40th viewing. The song “Stella by Starlight” is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

The remake pales in comparison.

I absolutely adore the place they used as the outside of the house. The establishing shots are amazing.

I agree with much enthusiasm! I can never find anyone who’s even seen this movie. I’ve watched it several times, I didn’t even know there was a remake.

Now that you know, suggest you promptly forget that fact. :wink: