The United Way and their tactics.

"Nice job you have there. It’d be real sad if something happened to it. "

Force is sometimes implied. And recognized it you know what’s good for you.

If everyone designated charities, they couldn’t do that. I’m not saying it’s good. My problem was I worked in one county and lived in another, and would much rather give my money to charities in the place I lived, impossible the way UW was set up. It just sucked my charity money from where I wanted to put it to where they wanted it to go.

The UW documentation said, IIRC, that no one has to donate. So leaning on someone would go against their own rules. I’m sure that if someone reported it, UW would get right on enforcing their rules.


Back in the early 1990s Taco Bell did a huge charity push for the United Way in their corporate stores (I don’t know about franchise stores). They wanted 100% participation. I was very irked - they didn’t even offer affordable health insurance to their own employees (except store managers) and they were pushing us to give? My boss got leaned on very heavily to make me - the lone hold out at our location - participate. I finally grumpily gave in and donated a dollar. This was back when you filled out these things by hand on paper. So, where it asked you to check off either salaried or hourly I crossed both out and wrote in Uninsured Slave.

Then I signed it and gave it to my boss.

They must have had a slew of similar comments because they didn’t do it for the next three or four years. I was there.

I still regret - this was soon after the William Aramony scandal - not adding in a comment about were they sure this wasn’t going straight to Aramony?

Just to clarify, your company doesn’t get a tax write-off for what its employees donate.

The United Way acts as a middle man to promote other charitable organizations that many people may not be aware that exists. Many smaller charities depend upon United Way grants to survive.

I however am not a big fan of UW. People should research charitable organizations and give directly to them. As has been said, there are many execs at UW that skim their take off of the contributions they receive before passing along to the smaller charities, which IMHO, is a waste of the resources that are being given.

You did not get the promotion/raise since we question if you really are a team player.

A company I worked for in the 90s did the 100% United Way campaign. And yes it was strongly hinted that whether or not you participated would be noted by the management.

And just how did UW do this? Remember, it was a line supervisor according to this old story. Someone pretty far removed from UW.

No, I suppose it’s not “force.”

That said, yes, pressure to participate in UW giving can be intense. My current firm isn’t involved with UW, but the last place I worked was, and yes, there were visits from department heads to employees who didn’t contribute the firm-recommended amount, and pressure to be a “team player,” and all that.

I would say a department head telling a low-level employee that “it doesn’t look like you’re a team player. Don’t you want to be part of the team? It’s hard to work with people who don’t fit in, who aren’t part of the team” is coercion.

But I suppose it wasn’t “force.”

And it was guys from United way doing it, with armbands and everything?:dubious:

No, it was the managers at that firm. And I’m pretty fucking sure that UW knows that participating firms do quite a bit of arm-twisting. They’re pretty much on board with that stuff.

I’ll never given a dime to the United Way. I despise their tactics.

So, you have no idea whether or not UW endorsed those tactics (and since i was one of the coordinators one year for the feds, I can tell you that that sort of thing is spelled out in the material as a non-no and the UW lady clearly told us at the training it was against UW rules), but you “despise their tactics”?:rolleyes: italics mine.

In other words, you are blaming UW for something your company did, and have been spreading your hate on MB for a couple decades, right?

The corporate United Way experience is so common at so many companies over so many years that I suspect that the UW must have been part of developing these methods. If not, they should be taking an active hand in trying to put a stop to it to help their reputation.

No, what it is is competitiveness among CEOs and the like. At one smallish company I worked with, the CEO donated $50,000 out of his own pocket to win the bet with another similar company. The bet? A bottle of very expensive scotch. Like $200. So he wrote a check for **FIFTYfuckingTHOUSAND dollars **to win a $200 bet. And yes, we were all pushed to donate.

In a Credit Union I was consulting with, there was a competition among the local CU and small banks to see who would win the Food bank contest. The President and event coordinator each bought a* pallet *of beans to ensure their win. Are we gonna accuse the nice Food bank people now of “despicable tactics”? They got the “Golden Plate” award for five years running, iirc.

Oh, I am sure the Food bank and UW love the end result, yes. But they by no means overtly encourage it.

First, I do not believe that UW is unaware of the tactics used to pressure people into giving.

Second, UW does bear some responsibility for what is done in its name. They’re happy to take the money, aren’t they? And a disclaimer doesn’t get them off the hook.

Third, a couple of decades? WTF?

My company has always done UW, but there has always been the option of donating $0. They wanted 100% participation, but that was 100% of the employees to respond to the campaign. Responding with $0 counted towards participation. AFAIK, none of the managers knew who donated what amounts. The company knows that X number of employees donated $Y total amount. I have no knowledge if the individual managers know how much each employee in their dept donated.

That doesnt mean they perform the tactics themselves.
From the OP "Dongyang2016
The United Way and their tactics.
*Can someone explain the United Way?

In the 1990’s…"*

This is 2019, so at a minimum two decades.

I’m not the OP. I haven’t said anything about the nineties. I haven’t been “spreading hate” for decades.

I think a retraction is in order.

I don’t know what the laws are, but I would be pretty disturbed to find out that someone outside of payroll knew the exact details of my paycheck.

Still curious about where you’re getting this “spreading your hate on MB for a couple decades” stuff.

I haven’t even been posting on the SDMB for a couple of decades, let alone spreading my hate.

Let’s see, United Way culture…ah! Elaine Chao.

And when you read this, it starts to make sense:

UW’s culture of corruption has a point of origin. As does our current DOT:

Probably several hundred dead needlessly because Chao decided to let the Fox manage the ole hen house.