The upcoming fashion for men - meggings!

Ya mean ya don’t wanna look like that?

Whenever I have my guyriod, I always use a manpon.

I plan on wearing them when get abs like that (read: never).

Something gives me the feeling that not being willing to wear man-makeup is going to be our generation’s equivalent of sans-a-belt slacks when we’re old.

As a short, fat, middle aged balding guy with a ponytail, I have already imagined how foolish I would look in these things.

I can only assume that the last photo on that page is of the Fashion Police arriving to arrest them.


So this year the style is Gestapo-chic.

Sextapo? Mantapo?

Nooo, not today, not really. Back when, sure. He looks like an upwardly mobile dude. Chicks dig that.

Jim: I thought very nearly the same thing upon reading the OP. Either that or they’re a buncha metrosexuals on Vespas trying to play like they’re the Sons of Anarchy (Greenwich Chapter).

I like the second to last dude in the sexy bathing suit. But I think he put it on backwards.

That was a model? I though thought that he was a heel wrestler with a gladiator schtick.

Futher evidence that the fashion industry is run by gay men who know as much about fashion as your average lemur.

Seriously, what kind of idiot listens to decades of mockery of superheroes wearing their underpants on the outside and thinks “You know, that’s not such a bad idea!”?

Pretty sure the idea isn’t so much that these exact items will be showing up tomorrow at your local GAP, but rather that this is some Plantonic Essence of fashion from which designers at more mainstream stores will shape a pale imitation, which is then available for your suburbanite purchasing pleasure.

I think.

Lemurs are very style conscious.

Yeah, I like guy’s legs, and no, I don’t ever want this fashion.

Leg coverings that close fitting are for Ren Faire/SCAdians, surfers, certain hipsters, and dancers, not every day. Takes the magic out of it, otherwise.

The look like the the ultra-hip arm of the Freedom Party of Austria as wardrobed by Cléo Dubois. And what the hell is with that guy wearing a woman’s one piece swimsuit backwards? That can’t be comfortable.


Umm, that’s runway fashion clothes. It’s supposed to be all funky and crazy because the designers are having a field day preening for other designers. Yes, that clothing is serving as an influence for current fashion but the majority of clothing that you’ll see coming down the line is not going to be that overt. Although, now that someone mentioned, while I never thought about it in terms of leggings, there are a shit ton of guys at my college who wear their underarmor underneath their shorts as if they are leggings, so…

Oh, I see Gestalt is saying the same thing as me. Well, maybe if people read it twice…

Maybe these designers should concentrate on wash clothes and towels, to clean themselves up after their circle jerks.

Are you always this dismissive about stuff you don’t care about?

Which would make sense if what they were creating in some way resembled a Platonic Essence of anything but ineptitude.

It’s like experimenting with your soup recipe by adding cowpat. No matter what you do with the idea, it’s not going to create anything better than just leaving the cowpat out.