The upcoming fashion for men - meggings!

Leggings under shorts for men to be the next fashion. So, guys, you gonna be wearing these? I think all guys should wear them - I need more entertainment in my life. :slight_smile:

I tried to explain the concept of guyliner to my dad today. But how the hell would I ever explain this?

Yeah, good luck with that.



I’m WAY less boggled by the fashions than the bizarre desire to ‘masculinize’ the naming of them in such ridiculous ways.

If they don’t masculinize the names, it’ll be hard to convince guys to buy this ridiculous crap.

If anything that sort of naming scheme has the opposite effect with me. Like “Spike TV”; that’s about as subtle as naming a female-targeted network “Pussy TV” with a cat logo. It’s blatantly patronizing and stupid enough to make me want to avoid it for that reason alone.

Well, they certainly seemed to work for Conan

How soon before we get “malescara”?

They look good on those models . . . but anything would look good on those models. I’m wondering how they’ll look on a short, fat, balding (with a pony tail) middle-age guy.

Men wore doublets and hose in the 16th century…but it looked better than this. The sword and dagger also didn’t hurt.

That would have been funnier if it were the other Conan…

On the other hand, Conan has skinny-ass legs.

Nah, they still looked pretty stupid.

But not stupid enough to mock a guy wearing a sword.

“Armed society, polite society,” and all that. :wink:

Too late for malescara but manscara is already here.

I remember guys wearing those years ago, when I was in the army.

It wasn’t done as a fashion statement. It’s just that they never bothered issuing sweatsuits, so lots of guys would wear their thermal underwear underneath their shorts and t-shirts for cold-weather PE. I never went for the look myself - give me 30 seconds of physical exercise and I’m warm enough for sub-zero temps - but it was fairly common.

Nonsense. All they have to do is have commercials with twenty-something guys wearing these while being fawned on by a shitload of hotties.

It worked for those eye watering body sprays.

They put those on the hottest guys around, with the best bodies, and it still looks ri-goddamn-diculous. Imagine how it would look on your cousin Bob.

Yep. I find the beauty products targeted at men amusing.

They’ll show a guy boxing, or flying a plane or something – then he’ll talk about how he’s such a tough-as-nails badass, he needs to look “energized” or whatever. :smiley:

They’ve been trying for decades to get men to spend as much as women on these things. And very slowly, it’s happening.

Having worn full length spandex leggings once for a cold half marathon I can tell you I’ll never again wear something like that. Definitely did not combine well with leg hair.

I imagine if I wore them all the time I’d get used to it or the hair would get worn off, but I wouldn’t subject myself to the interim period (all of which doesn’t mention that I’d look horrible in those outfits).

“It’s for sport”.

I wear tights, leggings and skin-tight pants of various types all the time, whether to exercise, go clubbing or for the SCA. Only the last function gets a raised eyebrow. But those…

It’s combining them with shorts that looks stupid.