The US has qualified for the World Cup

Final scores today:

US 2-1 Jamaica (both US goals by Joe-Max Moore, one a penalty)
Costa Rica 0-0 Mexico
Honduras 0-1 Trinidad & Tobago - WTF!!!

The US is now in second place with 16 points, Honduras and Mexico have 14 each. Their final game is against each other, so the US is guaranteed at least a third place spot, which means we go through :smiley:

Thank you, Trinidad & Tobago, however the hell you did it!

I saw the US grind out their result against Jamaica and, as with England, the other results went their way.

See you in the Far East next summer.

Unfortunately we couldn’t watch the game since ABC pre-empted it to show news about the bombings in Afghanistan. It’s great to be in again!

I already have the certificate for my tickets, now just need to see the draw and figure out where the games will be.

If anybody wants to hook up for a celebratory beer or sake in S. Korea or Japan just let me know.

ESPN might show a tape of the game on Monday afternoon, in case anyone is interested.

How do they get through if they come 3rd in the group?

Congratulations on the result though, I hope they get through.


I have to admit not following the Qualifiers as much as I usually would have, especially after having grave doubts following the loss about a month ago to Honduras and then Costa Rica.

Congrats to the lads.

In this particular group the top three teams qualify for the Big Dance.


Joe-Max, Joe-Max, Joe-Max

Also, I believe that they can still finish higher than third, they just have clinched no worse than third. This is out of a group of 6, which was whittled down from a larger group earlier.

For you Europeans, the CONCACAF playoff group more closely resembles South America’s than Europe’s.

I am ecstatic that we made it through.

I am embarrassed that I forgot they were playing today.

I am upset that I didn’t see the game.

I am relieved that it wasn’t my fault - I get to blame the network.

I am hopeful that ESPN will show the game.

I am, I cried.

I think therefore I am.

I am what I am and that’s all that I am.

I am going to stop now.

Well since I live in Ireland, I never had a hope in hell of seeing the game anyway, but I managed to listen to (most of) it on a Jamaican radio website.

It is a pity Joe-Max can’t seem to get a game for the Toffees.

Yes, thanks… But what exactly did happen there? :confused:

ShibbOleth, if you make it to Korea, sign me up for that beer! But plan on soju, also…:stuck_out_tongue:

Me too: U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!

well done US. Next time you might have a tough group to qualify from :wink:

So what’s the deal with football in the US? Will there be much interest over there given that there is no chance of the USA winning it?

Does football attract much of a crowd? Is it making inroads into traditional, and frankly pants, American sports?

Any good players? Because if Joe Max Moore is the best you have, God help you when you come up against the grown ups! (Casey Keller is reserve goalie for my club)

As for ourselves (England) we have also just qualified (by the skin of our teeth) but I think we could do well, possible semi-finalists. Argentina are going to win it, with France as runners up. Any predictions?

Twisty, our group was the entire North American continent. Unless the U.S. relocates, I don’t think we’ll be able to get in a tougher qualifying group next time around.

owlstretchingtime, will there be much interest in England given the fact that there is no chance of England winning it?

owl, yes, “soccer”, as we call it here, is becoming more popular on the professional level. A lot of pro leagues have come and gone, mainly due to excessive spending and too many washed-up foreign players, but the current one looks here to stay. One can trace its popularity growth to fan alienation from baseball resulting from the players’ strike in 1994. Americans started to realize that other summer sports were interesting to watch as well as play, too.

Soccer is the most popular kids’ sport in the country in terms of number of participants, and there are growing numbers of young players staying with the sport into their teen years, when it matters most to their development. Lack of top coaching talent for older players has hindered that, so the best players tend to get sent to Europe for development - since that’s a real barrier, their numbers are small.

As many young girls as boys play soccer, and that has made the US women’s team already the best in the world. The final of the Women’s World Cup vs. China a couple of years ago was one of the best-played recent matches by either sex, and no, we didn’t think nothing had happened just because of the 0-0 score. The Rose Bowl was packed and the TV ratings were great, and the team’s stars are actual media celebrities here now. The best women players from the rest of the world actually come here to play professionally.

Joe-Max Moore and Kasey Keller, both in the Premiership, have been mentioned, but the #1 US goalie is Brad Friedel (Liverpool, I think), and the star midfielder is Claudio Reyna of Celtic. Several other starters you might not have heard from, since they play here. Jonathan Harkes, once of Sheffield Wednesday, is back on the team, too.

Yes, in World Cup terms, the US national team is still overmatched, but it’s no longer a surprise for them to qualify - it’s become expected. With an increasing flow of talent from the youth programs in every suburb, the pro league and the national team will keep getting better over the years.

Naturally, we’ve tended to think that things we couldn’t kick the rest of the world’s butts in must not be important, anyway. Now, with the team improving, we’re starting to think more highly of the sport itself.

BTW, look up who eliminated the top-seeded England side in the 1950 tournament. :slight_smile: Pity we couldn’t capitalize on it after that, though.

It’s a shame there aren’t more top US players in the Premiership, really. Keller can’t get a match (and isn’t likely to with Neil Sullivan ahead of him), Moore hasn’t featured much for Everton since his promising start and Friedel (Blackburn) isn’t setting the world alight. I don’t know how Reyna’s doing for Rangers really. I know that Ben Olsen and Jovan Kirovski were in Division One, but last I heard Olsen was crocked and Kirovski had to get past Clinton Morrison and Dougie Freedman to get into Palace’s team.

So who are the most promising US youngsters? And who are the players currently on form? (somebody please tell me Lalas, Meola and Cobi Jones have retired)

Lalas Meola and Jones haven’t retired, but thankfully moved on.

I"m SO glad, we made it. I was concerned when all of our front guys were hurt and we just started folding like a deck of cards. I think we’ll surprise at the world cup… our losses were mainly because ALL are forwards and scorers were injured or couldn’t play.

I don’t dig on Friedel either. Bring back Keller… at least he stops shots.

Joe Max Moore appears to have the experience desired… but I think if you were to ask about the young developing talent, You’ll hear about Josh Wolfe and Clint Mathis. Both are pretty stinkin’ good! Agoos seems to have some skill, but our defense really needs to pull its head out of its a$$ if we’re going to compete next year.

We definately have our work cut out for us right now! But I’d put money down that we at least get out of the first round this time. :slight_smile:

I profess almost total ignorance about the USA team. By the above, do you mean those players were from the areas (teams?) mentioned, or simply played on them? What I really want to know is, how many of the USA players were born and bred in the US, and learned to play soccer here?